Facebook helps police solve crimes

Greater Manchester Police is employing social networking site Facebook as a tool to help fight crime.


Greater Manchester Police is employing social networking site Facebook to help fight crime.

An application has been developed for the website which will help raise awareness of local incidents and appeal for information relating to local crimes being investigated.

After installing the application, users will receive a newsfeed and links to the force's website and a crime-reporting form, where they can submit information relating to a crime.

Assistant chief constable Rob Taylor said: "Greater Manchester Police is proud to be the first force in the country to use this new technology and it demonstrates our commitment to exploring all avenues available to us to help fight and detect crime."

"Facebook has 59 million users, seven million of which live in the UK, so we realised that this was an excellent way of raising awareness of incidents taking place within our local communities in a bid to gain more intelligence and bring offenders to justice," he added.

Over 300 people have already added the application. Users that want to add the application should visit http://apps.facebook.com/gmpupdates.

Web 2.0 security specialist WorkLight, has highlighted that the application illustrates how social networking sites can be used by public sector bodies to effectively communicate using the tools popular with their constituents.

"Organisations now understand the value of collaborating using public consumer tools like Facebook," said David Lavenda, WorkLight's vice president of marketing and product strategy.

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