Experimentus first UK TMMi software test firm

Experimentus has become the first software quality consultancy in the UK to be TMMi accredited.


Experimentus has become the first software quality consultancy in the UK to be TMMi accredited.

It was also one of the first two in the world, the other being ImproveQS in the Netherlands.

TMMi accreditation is awarded by the not for profit TMMi Foundation, which was founded by a number of European test and quality practitioners. The foundation focuses on improving software test and quality related processes and practices.

Experimentus has been named an accreddited TMMi Assessor, following its development of an in-house TMMi assessment method. The method measures the maturity of software testing and software quality across sectors.

Its TMMi assessment complies with TAMAR, a global standard set by the TMMi Foundation. Experimentus will be reassessed every three years.

Geoff Thompson, Experimentus consultancy director, said the accreditation would show clients that it is “adhering to the assessment standards required by the foundation”.

He added: “Moreover, whatever your approach to testing and quality, be it structured or agile, the systematic and disciplined structure of the method means that irrespective of who conducts the TMMi assessment the service will be identical.’’

Experimentus has also launched a survey to identify the maturity of software testing and quality across industry sectors in line with TMMi. Upon completion, Experimentus will provide participants with a high level view of their testing maturity, and a white paper featuring industry benchmarking data in December.

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