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Myth Busters: An Introduction to What's Claimable on Expenses & a Short-Cut to Travel Expenses in the UK

Bust some myths about expenses

Category: Financial Management

Date: , 12:54

Company: Concur

When it comes to VAT, tax, and expenses, there can sometimes be confusion about what’s claimable from your company, and what companies can claim VAT on from HMRC. But certain myths prevail…
Download 2 guides and learn how you can bust some myths about VAT, expenses and business mileage.

Guide 1: An Introduction to what’s claimable on expenses in the UK
This easy to read document goes into five myths about claiming VAT on expenses – busted.
Before you even thinking about claiming, ask yourself: are your employees claiming the wrong expenses, or not claiming the right ones? Either way, we bust the myths surrounding what HMRC allows you to claim on expenses and look at what happens if your company doesn’t get it right.  

Guide 2: A short cut to travel expenses
This helpful document covers five mileage myths – busted.
Mileage allowances are some of the most frequent expense types in the UK – and often the most complicated. From claiming (and verifying) journey distances to keeping pace with HMRC approved rates, this document explains how to make mileage less of a ‘long haul’ for your company – and ditches a few myths along the way.

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