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The 9 essential rules for securing an Android smartphone

Everyone adds a screen lock. But what's next? read more »

Lead or Perish – disrupt your business with mobile to gain a timely edge

The mobile revolution in enterprise - resistance is futile read more »

How to sort your Facebook feed by time on mobile

Some users criticize a mobile update making a time-sort feature harder to access read more »

How to change the voice on your Android phone

The option is in the phone's accessibility menu read more »

Making the CIO-CTO Connection - the Delphi way

CTO of automotive industry supply giant on how to grasp the future read more »

Does CYOD take the pain out of BYOD?

How CYOD gives control back to IT read more »

Can touchscreens transform your business?

Traditionally a consumer technology, touchscreens are starting to make waves in business read more »

Have we really done with process optimisation?

Beware of fairy tales told by Big Data vendors read more »

Embrace BYOD or be left behind

In a global survey of technology leaders, Dell Quest Software reports that companies that adopt a user-centric approach to BYOD tend to reap the most benefits and suffer the fewest setbacks and challenges read more »

5 reasons to use social CRM for support and services

Social media can support customers faster, discover potential fires quicker and sell more intimately read more »

Six ways to make mobile networks perform better

Future mobile networks will use multiple technologies to almost reach 1G bps read more »

Put your basic business processes on a mobile device

If you asked members of your organisation if they would utilise their 'down time' more effectively if work tools were available to them on their smartphones and tablet devices, I predict the answer would be a resounding yes read more »

BYOD - Time to adjust your privacy expectations

Employees who want to use their smartphones and tablets for work better be prepared to sign on IT's dotted line and essentially give away their privacy rights read more »

7 tips for establishing a successful BYOD policy

These tips will help you address device security, IT service, application use and other key components of an effective BYOD policy read more »

Mobile device management - Tools and technologies for the BYOD era

Vendors have created a whole range of MDM tools and technologies to help IT professionals to stay on top in the Bring Your Own Device environment read more »

Chief mobility officer - Do you need one?

Do you have a mobile strategy, or a series of stand-alone projects which risk an avalanche of unintended consequences read more »

Four ways to become a true social business

Is your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus? Here's the best way to engage with audiences read more »

Near-field communication - Five things you need to know about mobile wallets

Using NFC for payments is quick and easy for consumers, but the technology still faces some major security issues read more »

Four online networking best practices for CIOs

If you find yourself hesitating before clicking send, stop and review what you're doing read more »

How to publish an eBook and save the trees

With the ebook industry on a tear, now is the time to shine by publishing an ebook of your own. Here's how to make it happen. read more »

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