We've put together the 15 best apps from RIM's app store BlackBerry App World. These apps will help you have fun and be more productive at the same time.

BlackBerry has finally joined the ranks of Apple and Google , after Research in Motion (RIM) finally threw open the doors to its app Store, BlackBerry App World this month.

The BlackBerry App World, which can be downloaded for free on to your BlackBerry, offers hundreds of applications for social networking, productivity, reference, entertainment, personal finance and more. We've rounded up what we think are the 15 best apps that will help you have fun and be productive at the same time.

Dexrex SMS backup

If you've ever accidentally deleted an important text message, don't worry - Dexrex can help you get it back. The app stores and archives all incoming and outgoing text messages sent through your BlackBerry and lets you access them simply by signing into a password-protected account on their website.

Cost: Free


Exgis Mileage Tracker

Designed for frequent business travelers, the Mileage Tracker lets users keep data on the distances they've traveled and export it to a company mileage spreadsheet.

Cost: $4.99 (£3.40)


While the BlackBerry Storm does many things well, one of its problems is that it's all too easy to accidentally mute your calls by pressing your face up too close to the click touchscreen. The StormLock eliminates this problem by temporarily locking up your call screen while you're making a phone call. The application automatically shuts off once calls are completed.

Cost: $2.99 (£2.05)

gFlashPro Flashcards

Anyone taking a professional exam can make use of these digital flashcards that let users make their own personalised quizzes with user-generated content.

Cost: $4.99 (£3.40)

Salesforce Mobile

This application is basically a way for salesmen to manage contacts. You can sort all of your sales contacts as accounts, opportunities and leads. The app also helps users keep track of their latest sales account activities and to log sales into a database.

Cost: Free to download, although you have to be a subscriber to to get any use out of it.

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      We've put together the 15 best apps from RIM's app store BlackBerry App World. These apps will help you have fun and be more productive at the same time.

      ToDoMatrix Professional

      A personal organiser that creates 'to-do' lists by letting users import tasks from different BlackBerry applications, including email and calendar. Also features ‘multi-variable filtering' that lets you sort tasks into 30 categories.

      Cost: $19.99 (£13.70)

      WorldMate Live

      Another app for frequent travelers, WorldMate helps make hotel reservations, receive updates on flights and view maps that lead directly to your hotel, meeting place or airport. Also provides users with local weather updates and currency information.

      Cost: Free

      Mobile Bartender

      If you just got laid-off and want to make a stiff drink, this is a large database of drink recipes that are generated both by the application and by users.

      Cost: $4.99 (£3.40)

      Age of Empires III

      This classic PC game gets mobilised and lets BlackBerry users create their own civilisations and armies to conquer the world. While the graphics are obviously not as stunning on your mobile phone as they are on your PC, they're impressive for a mobile game.

      Cost: $9.99 (£6.87)


      This is a deceptively simple-looking puzzle game that tests your special relations ability by having you move a block around obstacle courses - think Tetris meets Q*Bert. Oddly addictive, this game is one of the more popular games to appear so far in App World.

      Cost: $6.99 (£4.80)

  2. We've put together the 15 best apps from RIM's app store BlackBerry App World. These apps will help you have fun and be more productive at the same time.

    InterCall Mobile Assistant

    In essence this app stores your frequently used conference-call numbers and lets you dial them with the click of one button, even entering in the passcode. The Mobile Assistant lets you create up to 128 mobile conference profiles.

    Cost: Free to download, although you much be a subscriber to Intercall's Reservationless-Plus service.

    Aerize Explorer

    Now here's a useful application for anyone trying to send a large file over their mobile phone. The Aerize Explorer allows BlackBerry users to zip and unzip files to save space on their devices.

    Cost: $4.99 (£3.40)

    Antair Spam Filter

    This spam filter does not rely upon any corporate push email server. Rather, it is installed directly onto your BlackBerry and tackles spam sent to the device itself.

    Cost: $49.99 (£34.37)

    Voice to email

    The premise behind this application is simple: it lets you record a voicemail for someone and send it to them via email. Certainly, at least, it's useful for people who are better at checking their email than their voicemail.

    Cost: $2.99 (£2.05)

    Motoscope Video for webcams

    A boon to stalkers and paranoids everywhere, this application lets users get live streaming video from any IP-based webcam over their BlackBerry.

    Cost: $19.99 (£13.70)

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