ComputerworldUK is set to presen a webcast in association with leaders in the virtual IT world to help managers and technology decision makers to plan and execute their next generation virtualisation and private cloud projects.

Experts from virtual infrastructure specialists VMWare and Dell are set to share their knowledge on how to successfully pilot a virtualisation project from inception to completion, while maximising the return on investment and innovation in service delivery and application agility.

Noted experts in the field will explain how forward-thinking businesses are applying the lessons learned in successful virtual infrastructure projects to self-service provisioning, high availability and flexible delivery platforms for critical line-of-business applications. This approach has been successful in improving outcomes for end users, allowing faster roll out of new applications and deepening the IT department's control of their cloud initiatives.

A key example of how virtualisation can support improvements in operational efficiency is provided by the London Borough of Hillingdon, whose Assistant Head of ICT, Roger Bearpark, will be talking about their successes in the webcast. According to Bearpark, "I see virtualisation as the beginning of the end of the traditional IT department. We now have a different cultural environment and we spend 80 percent of our time more productively engaging with our business and only 20 percent of the time keeping the lights on."

The new virtual environment has enabled the council to build a more resilient architecture, which includes having a secondary site, based at the council’s crematorium, to keep the council running if anything fails in the primary site. The innovations also support the council's Greener Computing agenda, and helps ensure that all staff members continue to put residents and their service delivery first.


Webcast viewers will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover how virtualisation can allow your business to develop greater agility and flexibility for competitive advantage.
  • Hear expert opinion to help you assess the benefits for your business, including reduced IT infrastructure costs.
  • Discuss with your peers how far they have gone towards virtualising business critical applications.
  • Learn about the tools and services which exist to help you successfully facilitate the process of virtualising business critical apps.
  • Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn from others concerns and successes with this interactive webcast.

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