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Delivering the infrastructure for data-driven business agility

Learning lessons from the Clinical Research Network and read more »

How to migrate from Windows Server 2003 successfully

10 steps to upgrading as end of support looms for Microsoft's popular operating system read more »

Our bullet-proof LAN failed. Here's what we learned

Three risks and three remedies to help ensure this doesn't happen to you read more »

How-to: 10 tips for a successful OpenStack deployment

Banish unrealistic expectations by following these guidelines read more »

Windows Server 2003 Migration: what you need to know, part 2

We discuss the business benefits that can be achieved by upgrading to Windows Server 2012 read more »

Windows Server 2003 Migration: what you need to know, part 1

Support for Windows Server 2003 ends in July 2015 read more »

How to Use OpenStack in an SME

Worried about public cloud? Is Openstack right for you? read more »

Security Manager's Journal: Thousands of dollars in phone calls? Management hates that

We got our money back... read more »

Has Dell created the perfect thin client?

Cloud changed the game read more »

Developing business-driven indicators of security compromise

Everything but the simplest of attacks will occur over multiple stages and actions, allowing you to analyse and act read more »

Have we really done with process optimisation?

Beware of fairy tales told by Big Data vendors read more »

Network infrastructure: Are your SLAs letting you down?

Vendor sales pressure and poor insight into your IT estate can cost you dear read more »

How to pick a CPU when buying servers

As your IT team looks to upgrade your computational and storage systems, be sure you understand the choices and tradeoffs you face regarding your server CPU options. Some of our recommendations may seem, well, counterintuitive read more »

How to secure Big Data in Hadoop

You must make security a key part of your big data project right from the beginning read more »

How to prepare your business for digital disaster

Whether thieves or tornadoes threaten your company, protecting your assets from utter catastrophe is easier than you think. read more »

11 free Twitter apps and tools you need now

Looking to get more out of the world's most popular microblogging service? Here are 11 free apps that deliver the goods read more »

Switching to VoIP can save you money

Migrating your business to a Voice-over-IP communications system may save you a big chunk of change in the long run. read more »

Open source the key to cloud innovation

As the world begins to move to the cloud, where speed and scalability are critical, open source software is taking an even more intrinsic role read more »

Intel claims Ultrabooks are better value than tablets

Ditch the iPad for a real computer read more »

13 common ERP mistakes and how to avoid making them

To help ensure your ERP implementation is a success, we surveyed dozens of ERP experts read more »

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