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Cloud: The last great shift in the software industry

The architecture of computing is going through a revolutionary shift read more »

Eleven things that suck about HTML5

Hard truths for web programmers to live with read more »

Quick fixes for a broken CRM system

Work on your software, processes and people read more »

Replacing legacy applications: Problems solved

These four IT shops upgraded systems for different reasons, but getting business involvement was key for them all. read more »

Cloud CRM: The politics of data ownership and control

Small errors in data can mean big problems read more »

How to keep an archive of your Twitter messages

Keeping track of the past requires going beyond Twitter's own offerings read more »

News of the World saga: Email management lessons

Legally you can delete most emails...but not in specific circumstances read more »

Social CRM basics for business

Making analytics work for you read more »

VMware tell us how to maximise cost savings with virtualisation

Maintain agility and efficiency with a solid virtual strategy read more »

American Express share tips on controlling software updates

Roll out patches and new features safely, efficiently and without disruption read more »

Business Intelligence needs work to produce the best value

Keeping up with the latest trends is worth a great deal to the enterprise read more »

Five Google Apps features to help keep you organised and on track

New productivity tools free up time and ease work processes read more »

How to manage your BlackBerry application permissions

RIM is known for security, and for good reason read more »

How to use Twitter to boost your business

Use social media wisely to connect with your customers read more »

How to boost your productivity by blocking distractions

Parental controls can stop you wasting time on Facebook read more »

How to protect your data when using Skype for Android

Skype is developing a security fix for the app but what can users do to protect themselves in the meantime? read more »

How to build interactive worksheets with VBA in Excel for Mac

Excel 2011 brings support for Visual Basic macros read more »

How to use online software to help you work more effectively

Committing to one task for a set period can help tasks be prioritised and goals achieved read more »

How to make enterprise collaboration tools more effective

Tips to increase adoption and monitor employee use read more »

How to set up Find my iPhone and iPad

Use Apple's free service to find and secure your lost iOS device read more »

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