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Software Development Life Cycle Optimisation

Software Development Life Cycle Optimisation

Globalisation of business and workforce, combined with the latest technological advancements and new business models, have significantly strengthened market competition and, as a result, led to a trend in shortening software product life cycles read more »

Delivering the infrastructure for data-driven business agility

Learning lessons from the Clinical Research Network and read more »

How tech can help businesses achieve project management harmony – in just 3 steps

Mobility, online work spaces and secure free tools can help prevent project management chaos, if used correctly read more »

Agile as a disruptive technology

Do you understand how risk transfers in an Agile contract? read more »

The end is nigh in Agile!

Agile projects need to be flexible through to their termination, in a way that is fair to both supplier and client read more »

IT projects: it’s all about the outcome

Avoid spiralling project costs by focusing on the outcomes, says The Berkeley Partnership read more »

What price Agile? How to establish the right pricing model

Intelligent use of commercial project pricing models can help build trust and encourage use of Agile, says tech lawyer read more »

Demystifying the government's Digital Marketplace - which Digital Services framework should suppliers be applying to?

There is a big opportunity not to be missed for suppliers to provide public sector bodies with more competitively priced cloud services read more »

Be wary of upgrading to Windows 10 as a Service, lawyers warn businesses

Microsoft licensing is complicated at the best of times. Offering Windows 10 'as a service' simply adds to the complexity read more »

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