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Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Business continuity planning is essential to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions and protect the business from consequences such as financial losses, damaged reputation, weakened customer and partner relationships and lost productivity. A complete business continuity plan must encompass both datacentre and workforce recovery, with technologies and best practices to ensure seamless operations no matter what happens. Download this whitepaper for an approach to business continuity based on flexwork, mobility and remote access that keeps both the workforce and the apps and data they depend on up and running. safety program. Local agencies such as the Red Cross, fire department, police department and federal…
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Here Comes the ACTA Attack - Again

Three years ago I began a series of articles about ACTA- the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. ACTA was originally about tackling counterfeit goods, but had a completely inappropriate digital chapter added, that tried to ride on the coat-tails of the initial plan by suggesting that digital copies were somehow as dangerous as fake medicines or aircraft parts. After a fierce battle that saw hundreds of thousands of Europeans writing to their MEPs, and even taking to the streets, ACTA was thrown out by the European Parliament. copyright industry's private police force that operates outside the law, and thus without any of its…
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Welsh councils, police and NHS share data to identify vulnerable people

Five Welsh public bodies say they identified and supported more vulnerable citizens faster during a data sharing and matching trial. identify vulnerable citizens. Councils, police and NHS agencies shared the data they each hold on… Bevan University Health Board and Gwent Police also participated in the pilot. “We are a huge step…
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#Unacceptable2: a speech on government IT by G-Cloud pioneer Chris Chant

Three years on from his original speech attacking government IT for being wasteful, inflexible and bad for users, Chris Chant looks at what's changed - and what hasn't. , trusts, police departments, schools, universities are in the dark about G-Cloud and the digital agenda…
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Police criticised for uploading 'innocent people' to mugshot database

While the database complies with the Data Protection Act, a court ruling three years ago found that storing photos of those not charged or cleared of an offence could be illegal. The Metropolitan Police… Staffordshire Police… City of London Police
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Laptops, tablets and smartwatches: The evolution of mobile computing

. Battlefield commanders, police officers and emergency responders were among the first to put the CF-25 to the…
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The Trust Paradox

Trust is a prerequisite of business; it always has been. For markets and industries to function, there needs to be a high level of trust between businesses and their employees - whether temporary, permanent or contracted - as well as partners and suppliers. Download this whitepaper to understand how your business can be secure in an insecure age. remains patchy for many companies, with a lack of linkage between access controls and governance polices
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UK police make arrest related to denial of service attack on Playstation and Xbox networks

U.K. police have arrested a man they believe was involved in the denial-of-service attacks directed at PlayStation Network and Xbox Live at end of last year. The police seized equipment and arrested an 18-year-old man on Friday… U.K. police have arrested a man they believe was involved in the denial-of-service attacks directed… statement said.The police didn't immediately offer any details on how or even if the swatting and denial of…
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Could Cameron Be So Stupid as to Undermine Encryption?

Yesterday I wrote about the appalling opportunism of many in the wake of the Paris attacks, and I quoted David Cameron's comment: future-proof any new measure. Traditionally the security services and the police have always had the…
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Police suspect fraud took most of Mt. Gox's missing bitcoins

Nearly all of the roughly US$370 million in bitcoin that disappeared in the February 2014 collapse of Mt. Gox probably vanished due to fraudulent transactions, with only 1 percent taken by hackers, according to a report in Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, citing sources close to a Tokyo police probe. Japanese police believe only 1 percent of some 650,000 bitcoins was taken by hackers, according to… , according to a report in Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, citing sources close to a Tokyo police probe… customers in total.The disclosure follows months of investigations by police and others into the tangled…
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After Paris: More Intelligence, not More Surveillance

It is sadly symbolic that the amazing rally in support of freedom of speech and tolerance in the wake of last week's murders in Paris was immediately appropriated by grandstanding politicians whose own records for both these areas are often appalling. The EU's ministers for the interior were hardly better. In their joint statement, they trotted out the usual platitudes about their "unfailing attachment to the freedom of expression, to human rights," and then go on to propose new measures attacking both. the UK? Because our police and intelligence services are somehow ‘better’ than the French… looks almost certain that the perpetrators of the atrocity were already known to the police and…
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Police stolen property website has to be fixed after being open to potential burglars

The Immobilise site allows members of the public to add records to the National Property Register, detailing the valuables in their homes. But web security consultant Paul Moore discovered a flaw that made it possible for users of the site to access other people's records. association of chief police officers acpo… A website used by police forces to track stolen goods has had to be fixed as it was a potential… vulnerability. The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), which is responsible for ensuring websites…
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ComputerworldUK 2014 round-up: Top 10 stories in the world of government

What happened this year? We offer you the top stories, including Universal Credit and e-Borders write-offs, big ICT contract replacements, ‘Government as a Platform’ and controversial deals axed in local government, and some hints for what to expect in 2015 share their headquarters with the police, Cambridge’s Fire and Rescue Service is set to work with… the service in Bedfordshireand Derbyshire’s police and fire services are due to move into the…
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Police arrest 16 people for alleged Remote Access Trojan hacking

Police in several European countries including the UK have arrested sixteen people in connection with the use of Remote Access Trojans (RATs) to steal financial data or use webcams for surveillance, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported. Police in several European countries including the UK have arrested sixteen people in connection…
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Westminster View: The Autumn Statement is a missed opportunity for Digital Government

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Chi Onwurah believes that the government should have used the Autumn Statement to establish a digital strategy that drives change, rather than just a useful platform to make savings. Ministry of Justice, Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office, and police and crime commissioners” in…
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