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Alibaba enters US cloud market, signaling global ambitions

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is making a push into the U.S. cloud computing market, where it's expected to run into competition from, Google and Microsoft. it's expected to run into competition from, Google and Microsoft. Alibaba subsidiary… U.S., where Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are major players. But opening the data center… .4 million customers in China, where it's competing against Amazon and Microsoft for a share of the market…
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Excellent: Android Ecosystem is Low-Margin, Fragmenting

Strategy Analytics has published some fascinating figures on the smartphone market. at alternative platforms such as Microsoft, Tizen or Firefox. That's good, because the last thing we… of companies that includes Amazon and Microsoft, people familiar with the discussions told Re… off for fear of reprisal from Google. Obviously, it's rather interesting to see Microsoft mentioned as…
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Rethinking MDM in a BYOD world

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has both unleashed user productivity and presented unprecedented challenges for information security. In this environment traditional point solutions aren't enough, and IT groups need to understand the limitations and risks and explore enterprise mobility management options. Download this white paper to understand today’s challenges with BYOD and how current Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are leaving gaps in mobile and information security strategies. - including Apple iOS®, Google Android®, RIM BlackBerry® and Microsoft Windows® - are combined with the…
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Seven things you need to know when making the case for Office 365

As the workforce continues to become more mobile and the office literally located anywhere, the reliance on a multitude of devices is brought into sharp focus. The cloud is the right architecture to reduce complexity and deliver services to employees anywhere, anytime on any device. How the cloud is harnessed to make this a success is open to debate. Download this whitepaper opinions on the Office 365 opportunity and sets out to arm you with the seven must-know things you really need to successfully make the case for Office 365 adoption. Microsoft Office 365 Opinion White Paper… the case for Office 365 adoption. j Microsoft Microsoft Office 365 Opinion White Paper Servium… Servium ?? Microsoft delivering tomorrow's solutions today Microsoft Office 365 Opinion White Paper As the…
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4 VMware technologies that deliver operational efficiencies and improve working practices

Users expect to have access to applications, data and information, whenever they want, wherever they are. Especially, as this is how they operate in their personal lives – seamlessly moving between devices and accessing applications they desire on demand. Consequently when they arrive at work they expect the same kind of mobile friendly functionality, adding incredible demand to your infrastructure and security. Download this white paper to explore the 4 key technologies that can help your organisation deliver greater operational efficiencies and ultimately improve working practices. is not confused with Microsoft SMS orSCCM. Mirage delivers the operating system and applications…
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How to Connect Your Business Communications Like Never Before

The traditional phone system remains largely unchanged for over 50 years, yet the technology around us has changed dramatically. At the same time, modern working culture continues to re-shape business communications. Download this whitepaper for insight into the tools you need to understand your options and make the decision that meets the needs and ambitions of your business. use everyday, including Microsoft Outlook®, Salesforce®, Google Drive™ and Dropbox™ Phone systems have…
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10 cleanest and greenest data centres in the world

. Image: NSA Microsoft Booming demand for cloud computing resources may be good for the IT industry, but… less so for the environment. To support the expansion of its Azure platform, Microsoft has invested… centre modules. One of Microsoft's 'Gen 4' data centres. Image: Microsoft Apple Apple has come under fire…
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2-in-1s: Top 5 laptop hybrids fighting their way into the enterprise

Microsoft… iteration of Microsoft’s Surface Pro garnered much interest, but earned only lukewarm reviews. By its… keyboard and larger screen. Starts at: £639 Image: Microsoft Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro With little change…
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What's a consumer Office 365 subscription worth to Microsoft?

The downward trend in revenue-per-subscriber hints at a significant shift to the less expensive rent-not-own plans available to consumers, such as Office 365 Personal, a $69.99 annual deal that provides one Office license for a personal computer and one license for a tablet. As Microsoft has added more consumer subscribers to the rolls of Office 365, the amount of revenue… microsoft… As Microsoft has added more consumer subscribers to the rolls of Office 365, the amount of revenue…
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Top five data issues for 2015

2015 is set to be a year of real change in the data environment as new legislation, technology and modern office trends combine to provide Chief Information Officers, office managers and HR directors with a very modern headache. Download this whitepaper for five key areas every organisation should take into account when embracing significant challenges and opportunities in the coming year. been a hot topic. Both Google and Microsoft rush to remove outdated personal data from internet…
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Office for Windows 10 is not free for everyone

Microsoft will license some of the touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps in the same way it now handles those for iOS and Android. Microsoft will license some touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps as it does for iOS and Android… Microsoft… That means for business nothing changes: Office still costs money. But Microsoft's licensing plans…
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Five shades of grey

Any procurement or asset management professionals who have seen the new movie based on E.L.James’ best selling novels may have noticed the similarity between the eponymous antihero and a license management services consultant. via Microsoft Sharepoint. I’m using the software, so I need a user license – that’s…
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Gulftainer IT Safe Guarded with Trend Micro Enterprise Suite

UAE based company Gulftainer is the largest privately owned, terminal operator in the Middle East. Its international presence spans over three continents including the Middle East and the Americas. For more than 38 years, Gulftainer has been delivering world-class performance to its customers, continually striving for a faster turnaround of cargo, trade and fortunes for promising new economies. Download this whitepaper to find out how Gulftainer standardized and centralized their IT security solutions. Device Management IT Environment • Virtual and physical servers running Microsoft Windows and Linux…
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Ovum Decision Matrix

Organisations are being targeted by ever more advanced and persistent malware, which continues to raise threat levels and increases the requirement for better endpoint/mobile device protection. Download this whitepaper for an analysis regarding selecting a mobile security solution. of business and consumer platforms. ESET supports Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, and Exchange; Mac OS…
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Custom Defense Against Targeted Attacks

Advanced threats and targeted attacks have clearly proven their ability to penetrate standard security defenses and remain undetected for months while siphoning valuable data or carrying out destructive actions. Download this whitepaper to explore the challenges faced by information security leaders, their options for dealing with their attackers. , these products limit detection to Microsoft-based malware, do not detect attacker activities, and…
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