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Microsoft's universal app platform is big play for mobile, but can it deliver?

The universal app platform aims to let developers build one application that will work on PCs, tablets, smartphones, even the Xbox. It's not a new concept for Microsoft, but the company insists that this time around it has got it right. against Android and iOS. The universal app platform aims to let developers build one application that will… . According to a recent report from IDC, Windows Phone's share of the worldwide smartphone OS market fell to a… Platform is this: Developers have no incentive to write for a mobile OS with a minuscule share of the…
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Mozilla's *Really* Important News: Thunderbird Lives

As you may have noticed, the Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona. Although I generally try to ignore what happens at this depressing orgy of high-tech digital consumerism, Mozilla has made some interesting announcements there. Firefox OS was a promise. At MWC 2014, we were able to show that Firefox OS scales across price ranges and… , adoption of Firefox OS beyond mobile, as well as growing interest and innovation around the only truly open… mobile platform. Also, we are proud to report that three major chip vendors contribute to the Firefox OS
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Excellent: Android Ecosystem is Low-Margin, Fragmenting

Strategy Analytics has published some fascinating figures on the smartphone market. , down from 29 percent one year ago. In contrast, Apple iOS captured a record-high 89 percent profit…
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Google will stop patching Chrome on Android 4.0 next month

Google will stop serving updates to Chrome for Android on devices running "Ice Cream Sandwich," or Android 4.0.x, in mid-April. 's minimum OS requirement has always been ICS. The last version of Chrome served to ICS devices will be v.42… all Android devices that accessed Google Play, the OS's official app distribution mart. The number…
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Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Business continuity planning is essential to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions and protect the business from consequences such as financial losses, damaged reputation, weakened customer and partner relationships and lost productivity. A complete business continuity plan must encompass both datacentre and workforce recovery, with technologies and best practices to ensure seamless operations no matter what happens. Download this whitepaper for an approach to business continuity based on flexwork, mobility and remote access that keeps both the workforce and the apps and data they depend on up and running. Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, iOS, Android and Windows-based mobile products, Google Chromebooks… location to ensure uptime for PCs, Macs, mobile devices, servers and networks across the organization. As a…
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Taking your enterprise mobile: The executive checklist

Becoming a mobile enterprise means new opportunities for your organisation, but also means more risk. The time is now for a secure mobile device management solution that offers real-time defences at all layers of the mobile enterprise. Download this white paper to explore the security challenges associated with mobile devices in the enterprise, and develop a checklist to use as you cultivate policies to maintain control average of 60 apps per iOS® device.9 Given that over half of organisations are supporting more than one… January 2012 9, "More Than 60 Apps Have Been Downloaded for Every iOS Device", Asymco, 16 January 201' 10…
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Rethinking MDM in a BYOD world

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has both unleashed user productivity and presented unprecedented challenges for information security. In this environment traditional point solutions aren't enough, and IT groups need to understand the limitations and risks and explore enterprise mobility management options. Download this white paper to understand today’s challenges with BYOD and how current Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are leaving gaps in mobile and information security strategies. - including Apple iOS®, Google Android®, RIM BlackBerry® and Microsoft Windows® - are combined with the…
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Seven things you need to know when making the case for Office 365

As the workforce continues to become more mobile and the office literally located anywhere, the reliance on a multitude of devices is brought into sharp focus. The cloud is the right architecture to reduce complexity and deliver services to employees anywhere, anytime on any device. How the cloud is harnessed to make this a success is open to debate. Download this whitepaper opinions on the Office 365 opportunity and sets out to arm you with the seven must-know things you really need to successfully make the case for Office 365 adoption. resources across multiple devices including PC, MAC, iPad, Smartphones and Tablets as well as foreign… operating systems such as iOS and Android. Office 365 enables seamless platform shifting and even allows…
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How to see into the future

Virtualising infrastructure is a relatively straightforward task. As your organisations familiarity with it matures the volume of virtual machines in your environment grows, after all a few clicks of a mouse and ‘hey-presto’ you’ve deployed another virtual server. Sometimes referred to as VM Sprawl, this is a big headache for administrators and managers alike. VM’s offer wonderful flexibility, but the ease of creation means that they can quickly spiral out of control. Download this whitepaper to help manage your virtualised environment. simplifies the process of safeguarding critical data as does protection from hardware and OS level failures…
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4 VMware technologies that deliver operational efficiencies and improve working practices

Users expect to have access to applications, data and information, whenever they want, wherever they are. Especially, as this is how they operate in their personal lives – seamlessly moving between devices and accessing applications they desire on demand. Consequently when they arrive at work they expect the same kind of mobile friendly functionality, adding incredible demand to your infrastructure and security. Download this white paper to explore the 4 key technologies that can help your organisation deliver greater operational efficiencies and ultimately improve working practices. compatible apps for iOS, Android, Windows devices or even using a self-service web portal. Enabling users to…
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Top 10 software failures of 2014

Last year saw Amazon selling goods for 1p, UK airspace closed and iOS 8 phones unable to make calls… the service to drop. © iStock/SeanShot 7. Apple forced to pull iOS 8 update Despite being the… update for its new iOS 8 operating system a mere hour after release. Users complained of lost phone…
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MWC: Alcatel-Lucent says use both cell and Wi-Fi to boost speed

If you have both cellular and Wi-Fi, why not use both? At Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent is demonstrating a way to do that as part of the same network. can split up traffic between Wi-Fi and cellular. The capability would also require an OS update for…
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Ovum Decision Matrix

Organisations are being targeted by ever more advanced and persistent malware, which continues to raise threat levels and increases the requirement for better endpoint/mobile device protection. Download this whitepaper for an analysis regarding selecting a mobile security solution. of business and consumer platforms. ESET supports Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, and Exchange; Mac OS… capabilities. The technology areas analyzed were: ? OS platforms supported, including PCs, laptops, smart… leaders technology OS platform support 10 Service delivery options Symantec, Trend Micro Anti…
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Cloud security for Amazon web services (AWS)

Organizations around the world are embracing the economic and operational benefits of cloud computing. Whether you are extending internal resources or fully deploying on AWS, your organization needs to share the responsibility for security. Download this whitepaper for the the most comprehensive set of recommended security capabilities available for AWS. SALTSTACK CHEF 0 CentOS ^CloudLinux' RiCHTBCaie ORACLE LINUX Before Trend Micro, security required more…
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ROI with CA Clarity PPM

The ROI approach is facilitative and should be developed with input from IT customers. Download this whitepaper to discover CA Technologies detailed ROI analysis approach can add value to your organisation. companies. DB2, IMS, CICS, COBOL, PL/I and z/OS are trademarks of International Business Machines…
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