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Assange to leave Ecuador embassy soon

Wikileaks founder has been living at the embassy building in the UK since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden read more »

Swedish judge upholds detention order for Assange

Assange hoped to get order lifted, and leave Ecuadorean in UK where he has been holed up for two years read more »

Assange names country targeted by NSA's MYSTIC mass phone tapping program

Not revealing the name of the country is censorship, Wikileaks' Julian Assange said read more »

Manning attorney calls on Obama to issue pardon

Lawyer: Manning cheered me up after sentencing, not the other way around read more »

Bolivian President's plane diverted over suspicion Snowden on board

Bolivia-bound plane forced to land in Austria after France, Portugal close airspace to plane believing secret document-leaker was aboard read more »

Snowden withdraws Russia asylum petition as options dwindle

Fugitive whistleblower has filed for political asylum in more than 20 countries; none appear ready to take him in read more »

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21 LulzSec and Anonymous "members" arrested

OTOH: Anonymous+LulzSec vs. The Man read more »

Lax security culture is endemic

The simple things keep tripping up business read more »

Ignoring national and international cyber security frameworks

The Internet is only a dubious reflection of geography; regulation and structure harms it or may simply be ignored. read more »

Three-Strikes "Typhoid Mary" Identified Via Wikileaks

While official channels want us to focus on Julian Assange, the real meat of Wikileaks is not the leader but the leaks. And news from Spain suggests we should be learning from those leaks. read more »

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Innovation, productivity, agility and profit

Watch this on demand webinar which explores IT innovation, managed print services and business agility.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Check out our latest articles on Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

Securing the Enterprise

 Join ComputerworldUK's editor in chief, Mike Simons, and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to cyver criminals.

HP acquisitions

HP acquisitions

Following HP's dispute with Autonomy, we look back at other HP acquisitions in this Computerworld UK slideshow.

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What a year: London Stock Exchange in severe IT difficulty, BlackBerry falls flat, bank email archives blown open

We hand-pick the top news stories of 2011 read more »

What a year: BSkyB wins £318m from HP, Linux smashes speed record, job market turns

We pick the top news stories read more »

Predictions for IT next year

Tablets will abound, long-rumored mergers will happen, real cyberwarfare will occur and perhaps a major CEO will exit read more »

Wikileaks: Freedom of information versus information privacy

Forget the rhetoric, there are fundamental questions at stake read more »

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