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Mozilla's *Really* Important News: Thunderbird Lives

As you may have noticed, the Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona. Although I generally try to ignore what happens at this depressing orgy of high-tech digital consumerism, Mozilla has made some interesting announcements there. using encryption crucial, and that, in its turn, gives Thunderbird a renewed importance, because it is… ,criticism: I realized that when I receive a GPG encrypted email, it simply means that the email was written by… Thunderbird team might make encryption an integral part of the project: In Thunderbird 38 we are shipping [the…
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China says new cybersurveillance proposal follows US security practices

China is scratching its head over why the U.S. is opposing a new anti-terror law relating to cybersurveillance when the U.S. and other countries have also requested that tech companies hand over data to help stop terrorists. , but if passed, it would require tech companies to give encryption keys to the authorities, and create… countries have spent many years demanding that tech companies disclose their encryption methods," Fu said…
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Volvo CIO: Data privacy is now a priority alongside car security and safety

Connected cars can communicate personal data about drivers, including their entertainment preferences, their location and even if their nearest road needs gritting due to ice - and the security of this information is of utmost importance. connected. However the German carmaker faced criticism when it emerged it had not encrypted its connected…
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China defends cybersecurity demands, amid complaints from US

President Barack Obama isn't happy with new rules from China that would require US tech companies to abide by strict cybersecurity measures, but on Tuesday the country was quick to defend the proposed regulations. stifle U.S. tech business in China. The legislation would require companies to hand over encryption keys…
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Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Business continuity planning is essential to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions and protect the business from consequences such as financial losses, damaged reputation, weakened customer and partner relationships and lost productivity. A complete business continuity plan must encompass both datacentre and workforce recovery, with technologies and best practices to ensure seamless operations no matter what happens. Download this whitepaper for an approach to business continuity based on flexwork, mobility and remote access that keeps both the workforce and the apps and data they depend on up and running. -based control, reporting, data encryption and remote wipe help keep business content secure when business…
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Taking your enterprise mobile: The executive checklist

Becoming a mobile enterprise means new opportunities for your organisation, but also means more risk. The time is now for a secure mobile device management solution that offers real-time defences at all layers of the mobile enterprise. Download this white paper to explore the security challenges associated with mobile devices in the enterprise, and develop a checklist to use as you cultivate policies to maintain control passcode enforcement to device encryption, data breach and data leakage are at the top of the list for… lock, wipe and encrypt apps and data. • Mobile business opportunities: Get to know the mobile goals and…
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Rethinking MDM in a BYOD world

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has both unleashed user productivity and presented unprecedented challenges for information security. In this environment traditional point solutions aren't enough, and IT groups need to understand the limitations and risks and explore enterprise mobility management options. Download this white paper to understand today’s challenges with BYOD and how current Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are leaving gaps in mobile and information security strategies. technologies have attempted to secure the device, such as: ? Password enforcement ? Device encryption ? Data…
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BMW deploys app marketplace that lets drivers buy services on the go

BMW has deployed a new system that supports ConnectedDrive – the portal connects the automaker's cars to the internet – offering drivers the chance to use its online marketplace from their smartphones or car dashboards. carmaker had failed to encrypt the operating system's data, despite being aware of the vulnerabilities for… put in HTTPS encryption which is what the banks use’. But that isn't only what the banks use…
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Top 10 software failures of 2014

member of Google’s security team found a flaw in the encryption library Open SSL, which hosts 66…
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The NSA is inside hard drive firmware - now what?

It’s been almost five years since the discovery of Stuxnet disabused the world of its naivety about nation state malware but since then more attention has been paid to Edward Snowden’s NSA hacking revelations than the occasional technical insights into old-style spying software. jewels, encrypted drives. “They can create zero-day vulnerabilities and use them against the… encryption,” suggests Ken Munro, a senior partner at ethical hacking firm, Pen Test Partners. “If this… bypasses full disk encryption (FDE), and in the NSA [Equation group] example it does appear to do so, then…
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UK Surveillance: The Fightback Begins - Please Join

Things have gone rather quiet on the Snowden leaks front recently, prompting some to wonder whether we have now heard all the really shocking stories. That's been denied a few times by people in the know, who suggested that there was, indeed, more big stuff to come. And some of it turned up yesterday. cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications…
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Why 2015 is set to be a record year for data breaches – and how to prepare

When it comes to the number of data breaches and how much they cost, the trend is only going one way in 2015: and that’s up. We can be pretty certain that 2014 was a record year for high-profile breaches and that 2015 will beat it, especially with the EU General Data Regulation on the horizon. Download this whitepaper for preparation on what lies ahead in data breaches. TO BE A RECORD YEAR FOR DATA BREACHES-AND HOW TO PREPARE 5. Encryption and Password Protection… the password being compromised. Encryption adds another level of data privacy. Encryption should be…
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Top five data issues for 2015

2015 is set to be a year of real change in the data environment as new legislation, technology and modern office trends combine to provide Chief Information Officers, office managers and HR directors with a very modern headache. Download this whitepaper for five key areas every organisation should take into account when embracing significant challenges and opportunities in the coming year. changed on a regular basis and staff should be made aware of when to do so. Encryption adds another level…
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Ovum Decision Matrix

Organisations are being targeted by ever more advanced and persistent malware, which continues to raise threat levels and increases the requirement for better endpoint/mobile device protection. Download this whitepaper for an analysis regarding selecting a mobile security solution. and disk encryption, and anti-malware products. However, signature-based techniques are falling out of… as data loss prevention (DLP) and file and disk encryption. The more visibility the organization has… -based service for the SME market, but it does not offer encryption. ? Webroot boasts the smallest of agent…
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Cloud security for Amazon web services (AWS)

Organizations around the world are embracing the economic and operational benefits of cloud computing. Whether you are extending internal resources or fully deploying on AWS, your organization needs to share the responsibility for security. Download this whitepaper for the the most comprehensive set of recommended security capabilities available for AWS. inspection, enabling detection and blocking of suspicious and malicious activity. Encrypting your data in AWS… "epresentative at 877-218-7363 or TREND MICRO™ SECURECLOUD™ is an automated encryption and… servers car access encryption keys. Trend Micro's highly automated data protection approach safely…
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