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Alibaba enters US cloud market, signaling global ambitions

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is making a push into the U.S. cloud computing market, where it's expected to run into competition from, Google and Microsoft. Alibaba's cloud business is expected to face an uphill battle in the U.S. market… cloud computing… Cloud Computing…
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Make the most of the IoT skills shortage: 7 top jobs for the future

properly. The ability to use software to leverage enterprise storage is in demand. Hadoop developers…
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Voice: The lost piece of the BYOD puzzle

Everyone already knows the benefits that BYOD offers to their organisation, giving the workforce the simplicity and freedom to choose how they want to communicate and access data. But, whilst many BYOD strategies have been tried and tested to deliver best results, a key area tends to get overlooked: Voice, and how to easily split business and personal use. Download this White Paper to find out if you’re missing a piece of the BYOD puzzle and how you can fit it into place. , smartnumbers mobile is a cloud-based service so there is no hardware to buy and maintain, no software to…
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MWC 15 guide: Nextgen apps

The proliferation of mobile devices coupled with advances in cloud technology will push the development of nextgen apps. Mobile devices serve as modern mobile computing platforms. The proliferation of mobile devices coupled with advances in cloud technology will push the… more than Mobile. Given that modern mobile applications run in the cloud, they are mostly also created… and built with cloud tools. Realising that these development tools should be more than mobile only…
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VMware takes on mobile networks with vCloud for NFV

VMware has jumped into the hot NFV market with a platform that lets service providers run their network functions as virtualized applications from different vendors. storage and VMware vRealize Operations, a cloud management product. It also includes VMware Integrated… cloud computing… Cloud Computing…
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Volvo CIO: Data privacy is now a priority alongside car security and safety

Connected cars can communicate personal data about drivers, including their entertainment preferences, their location and even if their nearest road needs gritting due to ice - and the security of this information is of utmost importance. warns drivers of slippery road conditions ahead, based on its new cloud platform. The technology… happens, the car transmits a GPS location to the private Volvo Cloud platform, hosted by Ericsson, which… by the Volvo Cloud. The carmaker will be sharing icy road data gathered during the pilot with road…
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The Rising Value– and Falling Cost– of App and Desktop Virtualisation

No longer just for early adopters and innovators, desktop virtualisation has become a mainstream IT strategy for companies of all sizes. As business mobility and cloud computing transform IT, desktop virtualisation enables the transition to IT. Able to meet the needs of users more effectively and securely wherever, however and on whatever device they work from, IT can better support the business while fulfilling its mission of innovation. Download this whitepaper to understand the value of desktop virtualisation for users, businesses and IT. strategy for companies of all sizes. As business mobility and cloud computing transform IT, desktop…
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Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Business continuity planning is essential to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions and protect the business from consequences such as financial losses, damaged reputation, weakened customer and partner relationships and lost productivity. A complete business continuity plan must encompass both datacentre and workforce recovery, with technologies and best practices to ensure seamless operations no matter what happens. Download this whitepaper for an approach to business continuity based on flexwork, mobility and remote access that keeps both the workforce and the apps and data they depend on up and running. files with anyone and sync files across all their devices. Flexible storage options, policy… XenServer, the industry leading platform for cost- effective cloud, server and desktop virtualization… , administrators can have standby XenServer systems attached to the replicated storage of a failed server and…
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Taking your enterprise mobile: The executive checklist

Becoming a mobile enterprise means new opportunities for your organisation, but also means more risk. The time is now for a secure mobile device management solution that offers real-time defences at all layers of the mobile enterprise. Download this white paper to explore the security challenges associated with mobile devices in the enterprise, and develop a checklist to use as you cultivate policies to maintain control across an endless tapestry of cloud-connected endpoints, the potential for data leakage dwarfs that of… the device loss/theft scenario. According to the Citrix Mobile Device Management Cloud Report, some of… information and business intelligence. With cloud-based and on-premise offerings, Citrix lets your IT…
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Rethinking MDM in a BYOD world

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has both unleashed user productivity and presented unprecedented challenges for information security. In this environment traditional point solutions aren't enough, and IT groups need to understand the limitations and risks and explore enterprise mobility management options. Download this white paper to understand today’s challenges with BYOD and how current Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are leaving gaps in mobile and information security strategies. Unified Storefront®, an integrated solution comprised of Citrix CloudGateway®, Citrix ShareFile® and… mobile device. ShareFile, CloudGateway and Receiver work together to provide role-based access controls…
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Seven things you need to know when making the case for Office 365

As the workforce continues to become more mobile and the office literally located anywhere, the reliance on a multitude of devices is brought into sharp focus. The cloud is the right architecture to reduce complexity and deliver services to employees anywhere, anytime on any device. How the cloud is harnessed to make this a success is open to debate. Download this whitepaper opinions on the Office 365 opportunity and sets out to arm you with the seven must-know things you really need to successfully make the case for Office 365 adoption. reliance on a multitude of devices is brought into sharp focus. The cloud is the right architecture to… reduce complexity and deliver services to employees anywhere, anytime on any device. How the cloud is… multitude of devices is brought into sharp focus. The cloud is the right architecture to reduce complexity…
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How to see into the future

Virtualising infrastructure is a relatively straightforward task. As your organisations familiarity with it matures the volume of virtual machines in your environment grows, after all a few clicks of a mouse and ‘hey-presto’ you’ve deployed another virtual server. Sometimes referred to as VM Sprawl, this is a big headache for administrators and managers alike. VM’s offer wonderful flexibility, but the ease of creation means that they can quickly spiral out of control. Download this whitepaper to help manage your virtualised environment. through private or hybrid clouds. Tel: +44 (0)844 736 6155 Virtualisation Optimisation…
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Predicting Ebola spread with HPCs paying off

Computers predict where West Africa’s health ministry and US Department of Defense should put resources on the ground to combat Ebola. storage flexible enough to handle different workloads. It used four main simulation engines, varying in… needed to scale its storage to keep pace with this escalating growth at a moments notice. Just one… performance storage to create a parallel file system built on two DDN Storage Fusion Architecture GRIDScaler…
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4 VMware technologies that deliver operational efficiencies and improve working practices

Users expect to have access to applications, data and information, whenever they want, wherever they are. Especially, as this is how they operate in their personal lives – seamlessly moving between devices and accessing applications they desire on demand. Consequently when they arrive at work they expect the same kind of mobile friendly functionality, adding incredible demand to your infrastructure and security. Download this white paper to explore the 4 key technologies that can help your organisation deliver greater operational efficiencies and ultimately improve working practices. local storage of data to accessing it from central repositories. Files and data can be opened on one… . What is Horizon (with View)? VMware Horizon™ (with View) delivers desktop services from your cloud to… local storage which is less reliable and more vulnerable to failure. Using VMware Mirage however, laptop…
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Computers will struggle to support genetic research for public health services

A shortage of programmer skills may hinder the application of genetic research in treating mass populations for disease. -based clusters, a dedicated Infiniband network and DDN GRIDScaler storage system that supports the work of over…
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