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Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Business continuity planning is essential to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions and protect the business from consequences such as financial losses, damaged reputation, weakened customer and partner relationships and lost productivity. A complete business continuity plan must encompass both datacentre and workforce recovery, with technologies and best practices to ensure seamless operations no matter what happens. Download this whitepaper for an approach to business continuity based on flexwork, mobility and remote access that keeps both the workforce and the apps and data they depend on up and running. policy enforcement, regulatory compliance and antivirus protection. Data delivered to people's devices is…
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Visibility Into Data Center Security and Operations Management

VMware and Trend Micro have partnered to deliver the first security and operations management solution designed for virtualised environments. Today, most organizations are highly virtualised on VMware, and this has produced significant savings. Download this whitepaper to find out how VMware and Trend Micro are committed to creating solutions that optimize security, manageability, and business continuity, while allowing IT to meet service level agreements (SLAs). SECURITY Most organizations are running a legacy agent-based antivirus product in their virtual environment… date. Also, antivirus as a technology is insufficient to protect against today's sophisticated threats… . However, the burden of managing more security agents (in addition to antivirus) causes most organizations…
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Advanced Threat Protection for Patient Health Information

Navicent Health operates a designated Level I Trauma Center and one of 42 twice designated Magnet® hospitals for nursing excellence nationwide. It provides a broad range of community-based, outpatient diagnostic and primary care; extensive home health and hospice care; and comprehensive cancer and rehabilitation services. Download this whitepaper to find out how Navicent Health were assisted in accessing their end-to-end security, including security for their networked medical devices. control of the in-house technology team, and do not run standard antivirus protection. Medical devices… regulations, memory limitations, or proprietary issues, these devices are typically not able to run antivirus
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Ovum Decision Matrix

Organisations are being targeted by ever more advanced and persistent malware, which continues to raise threat levels and increases the requirement for better endpoint/mobile device protection. Download this whitepaper for an analysis regarding selecting a mobile security solution. protection. However, although core protection technologies such as anti-virus and anti-spyware clearly have… . From its anti-virus origins it now extends to the protection of mobile devices, and features an… . Core anti-malware protection that covers areas such anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti…
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Europol and security vendors disrupt massive Ramnit botnet

European law enforcement agencies seized command-and-control servers used by Ramnit, a malware program that steals online banking credentials, FTP passwords, session cookies and personal files from victims. remote access to infected computers and more. Researchers from antivirus vendor Symantec described the…
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Is Your Application Delivery Approach Optimized to Meet the Needs of Your Globally Distributed User Base?

The rapid growth of mobile device usage in the enterprise, global expansion, and cloud adoption are moving applications and their associated connectivity outside of traditional WAN-connected corporate sites. Download this whitepaper to explore the challenges and solutions regarding the delivery of cloud-based apps hosted in enterprise data centers. , antivirus, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation, and intrusion prevention capabilities - as well…
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Lenovo admits to Superfish screw-up, will release clean-up tool

Lenovo has admitted it "messed up badly" by pre-loading software on some consumer laptops that exposed users to possible attack, and said it will soon release a tool to remove it. contact with browser and antivirus vendors to discuss ways of fixing the issue. Browser vendors will…
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Facebook bulks up defences with a third anti-virus engine

Facebook is adding a third antivirus engine to its service to help catch malicious content in the News Feed and messages sent by users. Facebook is adding a third antivirus engine to its service to help catch malicious content in the… Chetan Gowda, a software engineer with the company's Site Integrity team. Antivirus programs have varying…
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Bitdefender security appliance for home networks seeks to replace end-point antivirus

Antivirus firm Bitdefender unveiled a hardware security appliance for home networks Tuesday that aims to protect devices by scanning network traffic to detect and block potential security threats. antivirusAntivirus firm Bitdefender unveiled a hardware security appliance for home networks Tuesday that… gotten used to installing antivirus products on their laptops and desktop computers, and maybe even on…
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ESET NOD32 Antivirus Makes the Grade at Brighton College

Ensuring that computers remain virus free when they are used by hundreds of children everyday to surf the web, collect email and plug-in a myriad of storage devices is just the sort of challenge that has given ESET NOD32 its enviable reputation. Download this case study to discover more. : Brighton College we protect your digital worlds (6S[ ESET NOD32 Antivirus Makes the Grade at Brighton… Brighton College explains. Wayne found Brighton College's previous anti-virus system was unnecessarily… safely, without being slowed down by the antivirus function. As Wayne Govier discovered, NOD32 Antivirus
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Antivirus products riddled with security flaws, researcher says

It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but organizations should audit such products before deploying them on their systems because many of them contain serious vulnerabilities, a researcher warned. Antivirus products increase a computer's attack surface and may even lower operating system… antivirus… It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but…
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Evolving the mobile employee hotspot for IT consumerisation

IT consumerisation and the business need for broader network access present Intel IT with a continuously evolving challenge. The growing adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) poses additional challenges as consumer choices expand and employee expectations for network support grows. Download this white paper to find out more home sites but not the Intel intranet. Compliance to policies such as specific antivirus DAT files and…
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National Security Agency link to Regin cyberespionage malware becomes clearer

Keylogging malware that may have been used by the NSA shares signficant portions of code with a component of Regin, a sophisticated platform that has been used to spy on businesses, government institutions and private individuals for years. immediately reminded us of Regin," malware researchers from antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab said Tuesday in a… extensive research papers on it. However, antivirus companies knew about the malware for at least a year…
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MSQ Partners antivirus case study

With cyber threats becoming more prolific to enterprises, antivirus software has become a necessity. Protecting your organisation from malware, adware, suspicious files and behaviour, and unauthorised software whilst maintaining streamlined operations is essential. Download this case study to see how MSQ Partners utilised antivirus software to protect themselves from cyber attack and learn how your organisation can do the same. Consolidate your antivirus solution… antivirus… With cyber threats becoming more prolific to enterprises, antivirus software has become a necessity…
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Taking a leap forward with desktop virtualisation

One of the biggest trends impacting the market today is consumerisation, the tendency of innovative technologies to emerge first in the consumer market before spreading into enterprises. Today’s end user is more mobile, social and virtual than ever before. , on the network, and at endpoints - Desktop virtualization specific anti-virus and malware - Dual…
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