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Google, Apple $415M deal with tech workers heads for approval

A proposed $415 million settlement between tech workers and Intel, Google, Apple and Adobe Systems is likely to be approved by the judge, according to some of the lawyers in the case. out tomorrow, said one lawyer, after the hearing Monday, on condition of anonymity. A notice will go…
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Cybercrime happens - deal with it!

Like the internet, cybercrime is here to stay and we have to learn to live with it. That means looking afresh at the technological, procedural and regulatory steps needed to ensure cyber-security. jurisdictional authority to avoid or evade successful prosecution. The anonymity of the internet and the ease of…
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Box woos financial services firms with a tailored cloud offering

The aim behind Box's EKM, now in beta, is to give businesses in highly regulated industries such as finance the ability to maintain exclusive control over the digital keys used to encrypt their data. individual user. Anonymous users will see their IP address on every page of the document they are viewing and…
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Digital Democracy? - Yes, Please; but Not Online Voting

It is a sign of the times that the Speaker of the House of Commons - not the first person that comes to mind as being part of the digital age - has established a Digital Democracy Commission to look into ways to re-imagine democracy for the connected world. With one important exception - that concerning online voting - its recommendations are sensible and to be welcomed. What follows is a selection of some of the more important areas for the world of openness. recounts. Yet it must always preserve your anonymity and privacy. Currently, there are no practical…
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Tackling the DDoS Threat To Banking in 2014

The distributed denial of service (DDoS) threat landscape against financial institutions has evolved over the past year, with politically motivated "hacktivists" emerging as a new source of attacks alongside the more traditional hackers seeking financial gain. The hacktivists use massive DDoS attacks and have targeted a number of major banks, particularly in the US. Meanwhile, a more recent trend has seen such DDoS attacks being used to detract attention from more conventional, financially motivated exploits, while still others are using smaller but smarter DDoS to avoid detection. Download this white paper to gain insight into how DDoS attacks are changing and learn how to best tackle these attacks. least a decade, with the Anonymous group emerging from posts on the /b/ board of the 4chan imageboard as… suspected backer being the government of Iran. There have also been allegations that Anonymous has helped… essentially neutralized Anonymous, but 24 hours later an Anonymous affiliate on Twitter called Op…
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Google fears US could use amended warrant rule to search computers abroad

Google has opposed moves by the US Department of Justice to extend the warrant issuing authority of magistrate judges to searches of computers in districts other than their own. example, increasingly using anonymizing techniques. Criminals are also using multiple computers in…
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Facebook sets up shop on the Tor anonymity network

Facebook has made its site directly available on Tor to prevent access problems for people using the anonymity network and to provide an alternative method of accessing the social network securely. the anonymity network and to provide an alternative method of accessing the social network securely…
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Lumension and FrontRange announce rebirth as Heat Software

US security firms Lumension and FrontRange have sprung a surprise by announcing a merger that will see the combined 350-employee firm rebrand itself as Heat Software. consolidation. FrontRange is a fairly anonymous but solid software management tools firm from the late 1980s…
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Would an anonymous app from Facebook be creepy or smart?

Facebook is preparing to launch a mobile app that would enable users to interact online anonymously… Facebook is preparing to launch a mobile app that would enable users to interact online anonymously… ideology of connecting people and helping them create their online identity, anonymity might seem like an…
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Tiny Anonabox to offer online anonymity through Tor

A startup is offering a tiny wireless router to users who want their anonymity protected by first…
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Privacy is the new killer app

A funny thing is happening in the wake of the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, the infamous iCloud hack of celebrity nude photos, and the hit parade of customer data breaches at Target, Home Depot and the U.S. Postal Service. If it's not the government looking at your data, it's bored, lonely teenagers from the Internet or credit card fraudsters. Internet anonymity portal, raised close to $600,000 on Kickstarter before getting shut down for violating…
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DDoS malware for Linux systems comes with sophisticated custom-built rootkit

A malware program designed for Linux systems, including embedded devices with ARM architecture, uses a sophisticated kernel rootkit that's custom built for each infection. and are accessible over the Internet. In 2012, an anonymous researcher was able to hijack 420,000 such…
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Anonymous sharing app Whisper under a cloud over user location data

Anonymous sharing app Whisper has come under a cloud after a newspaper report charged it with tracking the location of its users, including those who have asked not to be followed. Anonymous sharing app Whisper has come under a cloud after a newspaper report charged it with… described as a platform to anonymously share "innermost thoughts, secrets, and feelings," is one of many… should be handled by services that promise users anonymity.Whisper has a mapping tool that allows staff…
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Firefox Leans Towards the Vertical

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the tremendous potential for Mozilla to change the world by putting smartphone capabilities in the hands of hundreds of millions of people with its Firefox OS. That's an example of the project moving its focus away from the traditional desktop to a sector that is likely to become the dominant one in the next few years. experiments under the Polaris banner, focused on anti-censorship technology, anonymity, and cross…
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GCHQ: Going from Bad to Worse

Some of the most disturbing revelations to emerge from Edward Snowden's leaks are that the UK's GCHQ is involved in spying on all the Internet traffic as it enters and leaves this country, and that it is jointly responsible for undermining basic cryptographic methods that keep communications private - and which make e-commerce possible. All of this without any kind of legal justification, just Jesuitical casuistry that largely turns on contorted interpretations of laws and stretched definitions of key concepts. messages or making them anonymous which were once the preserve of the most sophisticated criminals or…
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