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Now more than ever organizations are demanding more services and greater reliability, efficiency and productivity from IT, while at the same time trying to reduce their budgets. As a result IT organizations need to adopt a more sophisticated approach. TeamQuest Capacity Management Solution can reduce risks, increase business productivity, optimize costs and more importantly allow you to plan ahead.

White Papers

  • Capacity Management Is Crucial In Virtualised Environment

    Server virtualisation for commodity servers is one of the most rapidly adopted technologies of all times.

  • Introducing a Capacity Management Maturity Model

    The recent adoption of virtualisation technologies lowers the amount of hardware required and reduces power consumption to some extent. But it also raises management complexity since there is no longer a permanent and exclusive relationship between physical resources and the software that runs on it. If one then chooses to implement a Service Oriented Architecture on top of that, the increase in complexity multiplies. Bridging the gap between service demands and IT capabilities requires a higher level of performance management for IT resources. Moving to mature Capacity Management tools and processes lowers costs, improves service quality and increases IT productivity since staff can focus on the most important duties rather than fighting fires.

  • Getting Started

    Although Capacity Management has been in existence in form or another for over 40 years, only a minority of shops have chosen to implement it.

  • Why ITIL version 3?

    ITIL Version 3 is now available and being socialised among the IT community. Its modest beginnings are rooted in best practices for individual IT tasks such as cable management, environmental standards and fire precautions.

  • Optimising Datacenter & Cloud Performance

    As the worldwide economy continues to bring many business challenges, IT organisations remain under heavy pressure to contain costs while providing competitive advantages.

  • The Key to Cloud & Virtual Computing

    As IT efficiency remains a top priority for IT. Cloud and virtualisation appear as the magic bullet that will both resolve capex and opex issues while still providing the right service quality.

  • Let the Bridge Fall

    Whether you're an IT manager an application developer, or a software engineer, you're probably not involved in the bridge-building business. However, you assume that those engineers who are, would never compromise your safety.

  • Why Your Business Needs Capacity Management

    The modern CIO needs to stay ahead of the game - anticipating the business's needs and being able to meet them as they arise. All too often, however, the function is caught on the back foot reacting to events after they've happened.


Mature Capacity Management leads to greater IT efficiency

Watch Per Bauer’s presentation at the Gartner Data Center & IT Operations Summit as he discusses how Capacity Management Maturity Drives IT Efficiency.

Mature Capacity Management leads to greater IT efficiency


  • The Total Economic Impact Of TeamQuest Performance Software

    Conducted by Forrester Consulting

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  • Doing More with Less: The Art and Science of Capacity Management

    Forrester Consulting

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  • Bringing Service Level Management to Life with ITSO


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  • Five Steps to Capacity Management Maturity


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Capacity Management Maturity Assessment

Take this 15-question assessment to identify the maturity level at which your IT organization is currently operating. And learn how you can achieve greater IT efficiency.

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