Cloud computing companies to watch - A product sampler

Previewing eight products from cloud computing startups worth watching

In this slideshow, we give you a glimpse of the products and services (not all the vendors have products to highlight here yet) of some of the innovative cloud computing startups worth keeping an eye on.


For anyone that has had a frustrating time using Microsoft Office products on their mobile device, CloudOn has an app for you. It allows users to access, edit and share documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint using back-end storage systems from Box, DropBox and Google Drive. CloudOn is available as a free download in the Apple and Google app stores or from the CloudOn website.

Embrane Heleos

While software-defined networking technology looks to virtualise the networking plane, Embrane's Heleos product virtualises network appliances, such as firewalls, load balancers and network optimisation tools. Heleos allows users to select the new network application from a dropdown menu, which is then deployed in minutes. Using these virtualised software appliances rather than hardware allows the network to be dynamically scaled, while reducing cost and increasing network agility.


By allowing Newvem access to data that Amazon Web Services provides to all customers, the startup in return provides analytics, performance management and optimization analysis and recommendations for its customers. In initial iterations, Newvem says it was able to save customers between 33% and 50% by right-sizing their AWS resources. In this example shown, Newvem alerts customers when they have idle servers sitting on Amazon's cloud.


One of the challenges that comes with using multiple public cloud resources is they have to be separately managed. Not with ScaleXtreme. The company’s application allows users to centrally control workloads from more than a dozen cloud providers. The system can alert users when security patches are needed, or can be provisioned to automatically control cloud resources to prevent over-spending.

Social Dynamx

An estimated 70% of tweets to a business about a brand go unanswered, according to Social Dynamx. This company's cloud-based application helps contact center workers filter through all of the social media content relevant to a business and helps prioritise which ones should be responded to first.

Maginatics MagFS

This general-purpose enterprise storage platform creates a distributed object storage system that can be accessed by users through mobile devices. The MagFS interface, shown here, provides controls to monitor the platform and control access to certain information stored in the system.


As companies continue to look for ways to manage unstructured data, Garantia is making the launch of Redis and MemecacheD in-memory databases simpler. Using Garantia’s cloud-based system, the software will automatically configure these NoSQL databases to allow for infinite scalability as well as high availability, while providing monitoring tools, as shown here.


Any application that has multiple clients may need a way to manage the passwords, login credentials and authentication of its users. Stormpath offers this as a cloud-based service. Application developers can quickly provision controls that dictate which users are allowed access to which parts of an application, all while the service is constantly updated with the latest security patches and development features.

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  • Embrane Heleos
  • Newvem
  • ScaleXtreme
  • Social Dynamx
  • Maginatics MagFS
  • Garantia
  • Stormpath
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In this slideshow, we give you a glimpse of the products and services (not all the vendors have products to highlight here yet) of some of the innovative cloud computing startups worth keeping an eye on.

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