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COOK uses Christmas QlikView app to better plan meals inventory and customer demand

The QlikView Christmas Stock Tracker App, developed with the help of Qlik partner Informance, will enable COOK’s food, production and retail teams to make key decisions, by providing them with timely and relevant information about inventory and stock, enabling them to better anticipate demand and advise production teams.
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Government announces £6bn science and innovation strategy, includes keeping graduates off dole

Highlights of the strategy include £3 billion to support and maintain laboratories at universities and research institutes. There is also £2.9 billion towards large capital projects to support scientific Grand Challenges, including a £30 million UK commitment to XFEL – an international free electron laser project – and £20 million to create an Inspiring Science Capital Fund to get the public more engaged in science.
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The TTIP negotiations are in trouble. After 18 months of talks, the EU and US have precious little to show for all their jetting to and fro across the Atlantic. And external factors such as the imminent Presidential race in the US means that time is running out to get the deal signed and sealed. Against that background, there are signs of a (rather feeble) attempt to put “rocket boosters” under the negotiations, as David Cameron likes to phrase it - although he forgets that rocket boosters can also explode on take-off, destroying their cargo completely.
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ComputerworldUK 2014 round-up: How banks got to grips with the digital agenda

The predominant theme in the financial services sector during 2014 was the ongoing attempts – and, in some cases, epic struggles – of big banks to transform into modern, digital businesses.
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ComputerworldUK 2014 round-up: Top 10 stories in the world of government

What happened this year? We offer you the top stories, including Universal Credit and e-Borders write-offs, big ICT contract replacements, ‘Government as a Platform’ and controversial deals axed in local government, and some hints for what to expect in 2015
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Atos in £670m takeover of Xerox global outsourcing operations

French outsourcing giant Atos gives itself an expensive Xmas present.
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ComputerworldUK 2014 round-up: The good, the bad and the ugly of the world of retail

As 2014 draws to a close, we’ve reviewed the biggest stories in retail from the last 12 months.
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The 'grinch' isn't a Linux vulnerability, Red Hat says

The "grinch" Linux vulnerability that Alert Logic raised alarms about Tuesday is not a vulnerability at all, according to Red Hat.
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Basildon and Thurrock NHS digitises half a million patient records

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has finished digitising 446,000 patient records, it announced today.
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Operators pledge to cut mobile black spots by two-thirds by 2017

EE, O2, Three and Vodafone have pledged to invest £5 billion into mobile infrastructure and guarantee voice and text coverage across 90 percent of the UK by 2017. The government said no public money will be used to fund the scheme.
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IBM detects skin cancer more quickly with visual machine learning

Skin cancer can be detected more quickly and accurately by using cognitive computing-based visual analytics, researchers at IBM Research have found, in collaboration with New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
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Cloud provider pits 6TB hard drives in real-world face off

Different hard drive speeds account for the disparity in power use, but not necessarily performance. Both models cost about the same and use 6Gbps SATA connectors.
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IBM pushes hard into the enterprise cloud

More data centres in more countries will meet the hybrid cloud requirements of customers.
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The party's over for Microsoft CEO Nadella

Ten months into the job and the approval rating of Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella,is down to earth.
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