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Alcatel-Lucent sells enterprise networking unit to China Huaxin

Alcatel-Lucent has closed the sale of its IP telephony and Ethernet switching equipment activities to China Huaxin. The spun off company will struggle to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Cisco Systems, and will have to make acquisitions of its own to grow.
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Hacked celebrities 'dumb', says proposed EU digital commissioner

Günther Oettinger, the European Union's proposed Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, gave a disappointing performance at his confirmation hearing, dodging questions and calling the victims of a recent data breach "dumb."
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Poor internet connectivity hampers half of UK pupils

Half of UK pupils have poor access to ICT and computers, a report by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has found.
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DVLA online services crash as thousands apply to renew car tax

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) new online car tax service has crashed as thousands try to renew their tax online ahead of paper discs being abolished today.
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Windows 10 first look

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Mozilla Wants to Save the Open Web, but is it Too Late?

Yesterday, Mozilla launched the Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows Programme, what it calls "a Global Initiative to Recruit the Heroes of the Open Internet".
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Fujitsu to design Japanese exascale supercomputer

Japan has chosen Fujitsu to help it regain the top spot in the global supercomputer race with an exascale machine, which at 1,000 petaflops would be about 30 times faster than the leading supercomputer today.
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Haptics- transforming everything from Kindles to cars and even jewellery

The era of ubiquitous haptic user interfaces has been predicted for two decades. Now it's finally here. Can you feel it?
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New ARM-based Moonshot servers from HP exemplify workload-specific computing

One of the developing trends in computing, relevant to both enterprise and service providers alike, is the notion of workload-specific or application-centric computing architectures. These architectures, optimised for specific workloads, promise improved efficiencies for running their targeted workloads, and by extension the services that they support.
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Lloyd's Register offers shipping fleet certification data on the move with mobile app development

Lloyd’s Register has created a mobile and tablet app using Oracle's software platform to provide its surveyors and customers with access to ship certification data on the move.
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Walgreens using social and mobile data analytics to deliver customer insights

Walgreens, the US retail and pharmacy giant, which in August acquired the UK's Boots chain, is harnessing consumer data insights to transform its stores and improve its customer experience across online and mobile channels.
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Intel pushes factory IoT with $9 million cost savings at plant

The Internet of Things is billed as an almost magical realm of possibilities where everything from thermostats to cars will be online.
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Malware program targets Hong Kong protesters using Apple devices

A malware program that targets Hong Kong activists using Apple devices has trademarks of being developed by a nation-state, possibly China, according to a security company.
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