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Opening up the Shadowy World of Trade Secrets

Back in January, I wrote about moves within the European Commission to strengthen the protection for trade secrets. That's potentially a worrying development for the world of open source, based as it is on the frictionless exchange of knowledge. Since then, more people have become aware of the threat, and some have started mobilising against it.
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Chi Onwurah:Labour's digital promise

As the election looms Chi Onwurah, one of the few IT and telecoms professionals in parliament, looks back on her first five years as MP for Newcastle Central, the state of digital Britain and her hopes for the future if Labour forms the next government.
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OpenStack more costly than VMware and Microsoft for private clouds

Fully supported OpenStack distributions are the best approach to building lock-in free private clouds
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Hyper-converged infrastructure from Nutanix gives lingerie retailer Bravissimo a lift

Bravissimo chooses Nutanix over traditional server and SAN systems
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OpenStack Kilo release promises greater interoperability and added functionality

OpenStack also now comes with the first full release of the Ironic bare metal service for provisioning workloads that require direct access to hardware
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Whose fault data breaches? Most security pros point at CISOs and CIOs

RSA Conference survey finds that CEOs are not the first job on the line when hackers call
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Shell is not in a position to exploit data; kills analytics contract

An analytics firm that uses artificial intelligence to write English-language reports has revealed that its largest customer, Shell, has pulled the plug on its technology until it is “better placed to exploit the benefits”.
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10 top Office 365 third-party tools

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NSA spied on Airbus with help of German intelligence, documents allege

Aircraft maker considering legal action over allegations dating back to 2002
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90 percent of local authorities use cloud services

Cloud computing is in use in 90 percent of local authorities, but the majority do so via existing providers instead of the G-Cloud framework.
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Does DevOps hurt or help security?

There is a firmly held concern in security circles that the automation associated with DevOps moves too swiftly, that security teams and their tests can't keep up, that too many of the metrics measured focus on production, availability, and compliance checkboxes, and as a result, security falls to the wayside.
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After OpenStreetMap - OpenSeaMap

As I've noted a number of times before, one of the most exciting aspects of the world of openness is the way in which ideas are not only shared within a given domain - amongst free software hackers, for example - but across completely different domains too. Thus the GNU project inspired first Nupedia, and then Wikipedia. Wikipedia, in its turn, inspired OpenStreetMap. And now OpenStreetMap has given rise to OpenSeaMap.
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Oracle says it could win if a rival buys Salesforce

Along with Oracle, potential buyers for Salesforce include SAP, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft
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Big data expected to drive good ROI, but there are problems ahead says Xerox

Poor data quality and a lack of data expertise is hindering the business transformation that big data solutions offer.
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Microsoft jumps into application monitoring

Application Insights is more focused on the developer than most APM tools, asserted Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry
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