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Our bullet-proof LAN failed. Here's what we learned

You think you've got it covered then you suffer a four-hour outage and you have to dial up your vendor for help...
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Digital Democracy? - Yes, Please; but Not Online Voting

It is a sign of the times that the Speaker of the House of Commons - not the first person that comes to mind as being part of the digital age - has established a Digital Democracy Commission to look into ways to re-imagine democracy for the connected world. With one important exception - that concerning online voting - its recommendations are sensible and to be welcomed. What follows is a selection of some of the more important areas for the world of openness.
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Dysfunction Junction: A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps

There has been growing buzz about DevOps. DevOps is a methodology that unites the often separate functions of software development (Dev) and production and operations (Ops) into a single, integrated, and continuous process. DevOps is about breaking down the barriers between Dev and Ops. It leverages people, processes, and technology to stimulate collaboration and innovation across the entire software development and release process. Dev and Ops should always be part of an integrated process, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. You may be stuck in what we call “Dysfunction Junction.” Download this white paper to learn about the pitfalls of DevOps, how you can avoid them, and how to get started on your DevOps journey.
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Online banking booms with older generation, claims BBA report

More than 2.2 million people over 70 are now registered for online banking
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UK airports complete software rollout to reduce flight delays

Seven UK airports hope to save an estimated £10 million with new technology to improve airspace management and efficiency, improve environmental footprint while reducing passenger delays.
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IBM planning jobs 'bloodbath' as 110,000 employees to go, claims respected journalist

IBM is apparently planning the most “devastating” jobs cuts in US business history, reportedly up to 110,000 employees from a global workforce of 435,000, an unconfirmed report has suggested.
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Coding in British schools: A review of the first term

Codecademy, which provides online coding courses for schools, reviews the first term that coding forms a part of the National Curriculum.
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Plymouth City Council opens tech-savvy one stop shop for public services

Plymouth City Council invests £1 million setting up a high-tech 'retail' space for queries about public services, kitted out with iPads, PCs and self-service machines.
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Energy firm Centrica to centralise health, safety and environment software systems

Global energy firm Centrica chooses CRedit360 platform for centralised health, safety and environmental reporting system.
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Agile development: overcoming the legal barriers

It is possible to contract for Agile, lawyer Stewart James argues, but it requires getting rid of legacy templates and considering issues like risk sharing and governance
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Oracle shareholders protest against Larry Ellisons 'excessive' pay

Railpen in the UK, and PGGM of the Netherlands file letter with the SEC
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IT staff are 'most satisfied' workers but a fifth are still looking for new jobs

Reed identified key trends which indicate how UK workers’ priorities change over the course of their career – which could have a significant effect on the talent management strategies of many UK firms.
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Google defends policy that leaves most Android devices unpatched

Google has defended its decision to stop patching WebView, a core component of Android, on versions older than 4.4, aka "KitKat," saying that the huge code base is unsafe to fix.
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After Oracle spat licensing campaigners plan attack on IBM and SAP

Following the open letter to Oracle, the Campaign for Clear Licensing's members said that IBM and SAP should also be looked at
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Malaysia Airlines attacked, big data dump threatened

The Malaysia Airlines website has been attacked and the Lizard Squad, one of the groups that claimed responsibility on Monday, threatened to soon "dump some loot" found on the airline's servers.
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