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Sony hackers used fake Apple ID emails to target employees

Hackers probably gained access to Sony's network last year after a series of phishing emails aimed at system engineers, network administrators and others who were asked to verify their Apple IDs.
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How SmithsNews created a Native app using Agile to improve customer service

Leading UK newspaper and magazine wholesaler SmithsNews creates native app using Agile
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UK's new rail signalling system at risk from malicious insider, expert says

ERTMS hack could cause disruption or serious accident, says David Stupples
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Amazon says its cloud is 'a $5 billion business'

Amazon has finally shared some numbers about its cloud business, and not surprisingly they show that it's thriving and profitable.
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Microsoft results get a lift from Office 365 and Azure

Microsoft has reported better-than-expected financial results for the quarter just ended, helped by strong sales of cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.
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SAP patches login flaw in ASE database

SAP patched a flaw on Thursday that could allow an attacker to take complete control over a database, according to security vendor Trustwave.
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The Top 8 Mobile Security Risks

As enterprises mobilize business processes, more and more sensitive data passes through and resides on mobile devices. And while almost every CIO knows how important mobile security is, getting a grip on it can be tough. There’s a lot to consider, and new factors enter the equation all the time. Download this whitepaper to find an overview of the key issues you need to be on top of right now to protect your organisation, its employees and its customers.
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The Critical Role Of Support In Your Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy

Support is an essential element of any Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy. In the emerging EMM market, where different flavors of support are being offered by a variety of vendors with vastly different levels of expertise, integrating the right support into your EMM solution will maximize your mobility uptime, help to preserve business continuity and strengthen customer faith in your ability to deliver on your promises. Download this whitepaper to understand why support needs to be a part of your EMM strategy.
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The CIO's Guide to Enterprise Mobility Management

CIOs make tough decisions every day. To make the right ones, you have to trust your sources and be confident that you’re prioritising the right issues. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is top of mind for most CIOs today, not just because of BYOD and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled), but also because of the clear opportunity that mobility presents to boost productivity, customer engagement, job satisfaction and more. Download this whitepaper to help you decide which issues to focus on, which tough questions to ask, and ultimately, how to make the right choice for EMM.
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Unitary Patent: Why is EU Pushing Itself into Irrelevance?

Although I haven't written about the Unitary Patent for a while now, it hasn't gone away - alas. Instead, it is still grinding through the ratification process that is necessary before it comes into force. There are many questions about how it will work in practice, and whether it will offer any real benefits to European companies. So it's strange that the European Commission recently come out with a total puff-piece on the subject, which tries to convince people that it's all going to be great.
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Separating work and personal

As more and more business processes go mobile, IT faces an ever-increasing number of security challenges. Users now have access to a multitude of personal communication channels, such as social networking sites, untrusted personal applications, webmail, web browsing, and instant messaging. Download this whitepaper to discover how Without the proper structures in place, data-transfer mechanisms such as P2P file sharing, USB connectivity, media card swapping, Bluetooth™ and NFC data transfer can all pose a threat to the enterprise.
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EMM Challenges

The mobility needs of both IT administrators and end users are rapidly evolving. In many ways, those needs appear to be at odds. Users want to get more done on the move, with less interference from administrators. IT, on the other hand, has to deal with incredibly complex security concerns, from the latest mobile malware to how to enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) safely. Download this whitepaper for insight into how various factors are contributing to a greater need for a single, robust and flexible cross-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that can be tailored to meet the various needs of an organisation.
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DHL: How a logistics firm evolved to provide 'software as a service'

The logistics firm used real-time data during the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris last year, and is providing the same tool to its customers on a subscription model.
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Best Practices in BYOD

While most organizations continue to experiment with how much BYOD to allow, in which pockets of the enterprise, many others are going all in. According to a recent Gartner survey, we’ll see half of enterprises move exclusively to BYOD in 2017. Today, employees are tech savvy and want more of a say about the tools that they use to get their work done. Download this whitepaper for insight into best practices when you choose the solution that’s right for your organisation, They’ll help ensure that your mobile operations run smoothly today and down the road.
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