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Government gives £3 million boost to anti-IP crime unit

The government has announced it will provide £3 million to fund the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) until 2017.
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TSB picks up customers as digital strategy starts to kick in

TSB has seen its customer base grow following investments in its digital services, including a revamped online presence and the appointment of a chief digital officer.
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Aer Lingus gives staff mobile access to finance systems

Aer Lingus is offering its employees a mobile app that connects to its finance systems, “to ensure greater financial control and compliance” of the one billion euro the business spends every year.
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The 'Backoff' malware linked to data breaches is spreading

The number of computers in North America infected by the Backoff malware, which is blamed for a string of payment card breaches, has risen sharply, according to research from network security company Damballa.
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China develops its first homegrown server amid cybersecurity concerns

A Chinese company has developed the country's first homegrown servers, built entirely out of domestic technologies including a processor from local chip maker Loongson Technology.
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Honda rolls out pedestrian detection for Legend sedan

Honda is enhancing its smart car technology with a system that can detect pedestrians and nearby vehicles.
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Cyberespionage group launches sophisticated phishing attacks against Outlook Web App users

A cyberespionage group has been using advanced spear-phishing techniques to steal email log-in credentials from the employees of military agencies, embassies, defense contractors and international media outlets that use Office 365's Outlook Web App.
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Docker will live up to the hype and containers will rule the cloud

I've been on the road all month talking about business technology speed. The age of the customer is all about speed. Faster time to market, more frequent software releases, automated server deployments, instant cloud scaling … anything that removes friction from the app dev process is hot as we move into 2015.
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Big trends in big data analytics

Bill Loconzolo, vice president of data engineering at Intuit, jumped into a data lake with both feet. Dean Abbott, chief data scientist at Smarter Remarketer, made a beeline for the cloud. The leading edge of big data and analytics, which includes data lakes for holding vast stores of data in its native format and, of course, cloud computing, is a moving target, both say. And while the technology options are far from mature, waiting simply isn't an option.
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Microsoft to continue using Nokia brand on entry-level phones

Microsoft will continue to sell low-end phones with the Nokia brand and has licensed the brand for these type of devices.
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Adobe begins encrypting user data collected from Digital Editions app

Adobe Systems said Thursday it is now encrypting data it collects about certain e-books after facing criticism earlier this month for not protecting the data.
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Amazon builds sales, but losses pile up continued to increase its sales last quarter but losses also mounted, to the growing consternation of investors.
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Apple Pay's next move could be phone-to-phone payments

The launch this week of Apple Pay is giving many people their first taste of NFC payment technology, which allows them to buy things in a store by bringing an iPhone 6 close to a compatible terminal.
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