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12 Tips for preventing credit management risks

During the economic recovery, companies must secure their cashflow and manage their exposure to credit risk in order to maintain growth. This could include implementation of a specialist cloud solution that can prevent and limit those risks while optimising costs and securing customer receivables. Download this whitepaper for 12 tips on credit management risks.
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The Three Pillars of Successful Visual Communications

In the rapidly changing arena of corporate visual communications, it’s time to focus on what’s functional, rather than what’s ‘cool’. Discover three basic principles that can help organisations maintain focus in a dynamic market.
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Enterprise Mobility Survey Report – UK

Enterprise mobility and trends like bring your own device (BYOD) aren’t just hot topics of conversation. According to the over 1,600 IT and security professionals we surveyed, mobility is a top priority for most IT departments. Unfortunately, there is a critical gap between the vision these IT leaders have for enterprise mobility and the real-world implementations. Gain insight into how organisations from around the world share many of the same priorities, challenges and risks.
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Data breaches: Barclays and Santander most investigated lenders, ICO figures show

Barclays was flagged the most times on a data breach "concern" list. The Department for Work and Pensions, HMRC, police departments and UK stores like Asda were also found likely to have breached the Data Protection Act during 2013.
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Enterprise Mobility - A Framework for Success Case Study Booklet

Worldwide, organisations are embracing enterprise mobility. Businesses that successfully grasp the impact of this trend can use it as a competitive advantage. Enterprise mobility can have a transformational effect on the way employees think about the way they work, and it can drive innovation and change in terms of process efficiencies and productivity in ways never seen before. Download this whitepaper to discover with a well-structured and coherently executed enterprise mobility framework in place, success is well within your reach.
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Senior bank staff fail to take cyber risk seriously, claims Bank of England

Senior bank staff are failing to take the threat of cyber attack seriously, the Bank of England has claimed, treating it as a purely ‘technical’ issue rather than addressing risks at board-level.
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North Korea, Iran, Syria – asymmetric cyberwar is here to stay

Until last week very few beyond a handful of security titles, a few cybersecurity vendors and the middle pages of the New York Times paid much attention to the growing issue of small nations with big cyber-ambitions.
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Cyberattack on German steel factory causes 'massive damage'

A German steel factory suffered massive damage after hackers managed to access production networks, allowing them to tamper with the controls of a blast furnace, the government said in its annual IT security report.
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Trojan program based on ZeuS targets 150 banks, can hijack webcams

A new computer Trojan based on the infamous ZeuS banking malware is targeting users of over 150 banks and payment systems from around the world, security researchers warn.
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In 2015, EU aims to sweep away old rules on data protection and copyright

The European Commission is gearing up to solve some longstanding problems with outdated copyright and data protection laws and move ahead on new rules for roaming charges and net neutrality.
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Staples says hack may have compromised 1 million-plus payment cards

The data breach at the Staples office-supply chain may have affected roughly 1.16 million payment cards as criminals deployed malware to point-of-sale systems at 115 stores, the company said Friday.
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COOK uses Christmas QlikView app to better plan meals inventory and customer demand

The QlikView Christmas Stock Tracker App, developed with the help of Qlik partner Informance, will enable COOK’s food, production and retail teams to make key decisions, by providing them with timely and relevant information about inventory and stock, enabling them to better anticipate demand and advise production teams.
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Government announces £6bn science and innovation strategy, includes keeping graduates off dole

Highlights of the strategy include £3 billion to support and maintain laboratories at universities and research institutes. There is also £2.9 billion towards large capital projects to support scientific Grand Challenges, including a £30 million UK commitment to XFEL – an international free electron laser project – and £20 million to create an Inspiring Science Capital Fund to get the public more engaged in science.
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The TTIP negotiations are in trouble. After 18 months of talks, the EU and US have precious little to show for all their jetting to and fro across the Atlantic. And external factors such as the imminent Presidential race in the US means that time is running out to get the deal signed and sealed. Against that background, there are signs of a (rather feeble) attempt to put “rocket boosters” under the negotiations, as David Cameron likes to phrase it - although he forgets that rocket boosters can also explode on take-off, destroying their cargo completely.
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ComputerworldUK 2014 round-up: How banks got to grips with the digital agenda

The predominant theme in the financial services sector during 2014 was the ongoing attempts – and, in some cases, epic struggles – of big banks to transform into modern, digital businesses.
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