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UK banks pay millions to upgrade ATMs as XP support deadline approaches

UK banks pay millions to upgrade ATMs as XP support deadline approaches

The UK’s five largest banks will pay up to £60 million to upgrade ATMs from Windows XP and extend service support as Microsoft’s 8 April deadline looms. read more »

Department of Health and Microsoft in talks over end of Windows XP support

The Department of Health and Microsoft are negotiating a deal to extend security support to NHS PCs running Windows XP, which will be vulnerable to attack if they miss the end of support deadline on the 8th April. read more »

Test and test again: Lesson from Windows 8.1's bumpy rollout

The rocky rollout of Windows 8.1 should serve as a reminder for consumers, software developers, hardware vendors, enterprise IT pros and Microsoft itself that a period of careful testing and analysis must precede the release and installation of an operating system update. read more »

Linux 4.0 may have only bug fixes, no new features

Linux operating system creator Linus Torvalds has proposed that Linux 4.0, an upcoming release of the open-source software, should be dedicated to stability and bug fixing. read more »

Some Windows 8.1 updates tripping over driver problems

Microsoft is investigating reports that some users are trying and failing to update their PCs and tablets to Windows 8.1, apparently due to outdated and incompatible drivers. read more »

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Securing the Enterpise

Join ComputerworldUK'S editor in chief, Mike Simons, and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to cyber criminals.

Google Nexus series

Google Nexus series

The latest news, features and slideshows about Google's Nexus series, including the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet.


Part 2 of your journey to virtualisation

Explore how you can improve your servers, storage and networks by developing your infrastructure.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Check out our latest articles on Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

In Depth

Desktop or mobile workstation?

How do you choose between form factors? read more »

How to prioritise Windows 8 upgrades

Choosing which systems go first read more »

Three Windows 8 apps for enterprises

The best apps to increase employee productivity read more »

Patch Tuesday serves as timely reminder of XP support countdown

Essential security fixes released as XP support countdown continues read more »

Why Windows 8 makes more sense than Windows 7

Migrating to the next Windows OS; what to choose? read more »

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Windows 7: How to manage different users

A guide to installing Microsoft's latest release

The best way to back up Microsoft Outlook

That old email might come in handy one day.

Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade has hidden dangers

Hard and expensive to upgrade Microsoft operating systen, warns analyst

Windows XP: The OS that won't die

A year after being killed off, XP is flourishing

Windows Server 2012 - Best and worst features

We take you through the highlights of Microsoft's new server operating system

Windows 8 - New network features

A closer look at the impressive administrative features designed to increase network support, reliability, performance and security

Microsoft Windows 7 thin client OS available for testing

Thin PC ready for iniital end-user evaluation

UK banks pay millions to upgrade ATMs as XP support deadline approaches

Lloyds, RBS and others plan Windows 7 migration

White Papers

Mitigating Risk: Why Sticking with Windows XP Is a Bad Idea

The countdown begins for Window XP read more »

The life and times of Windows XP

Extended support for Windows XP expires on 8th April 2014. Is your business prepared? read more »

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Open source offers an answer to the CarrierIQ spying controversy

Android developers come down hard against carrier trackingread more »

It came from outer space

Lies, damned lies and probabilitiesread more »

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Securing the Enterprise

Join ComputerworldUK's editor in chief, Mike Simons, and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to cyber criminals

HP Data Protection Zone

HP Data Protection Zone

HP Data Protection Zone is your source for software downloads, video, whitepapers and news on how you can keep your business data safe. Read more...

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Accelerate Your IT Efficiency

View the latest capacity management resources including white papers, videos and news.


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