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Facebook benefits from formalising management of open source

Facebook benefits from formalising management of open source

Facebook has relied on open source since its inception, but it didn't formalised those efforts until 2013 when infrastructure engineer Blake Matheny started overseeing its open source projects - and it has gained big benefits. read more »

Microsoft, IBM back foundation for Node.js Web runtime platform

Microsoft, IBM, and the Linux Foundation are among a number of organisations joining an initiative to manage Node.js, a popular runtime software that provides interactive Web interfaces for users. read more »

Linux Foundation security group focusses on key projects to prevent next Heartbleed

The Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII), set up in a bid to prevent another Heartbleed-style vulnerability, is to focus on a small number of critical open source projects that need extra support to remain secure read more »

DDoS malware for Linux systems comes with sophisticated custom-built rootkit

A malware program designed for Linux systems, including embedded devices with ARM architecture, uses a sophisticated kernel rootkit that's custom built for each infection. read more »

'Ghost' vulnerability poses high risk to Linux distributions

A fault in a widely used component of most Linux distributions could allow an attacker to take remote control of a system after merely sending a malicious email. read more »

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Windows Server 2003 Migration: what you need to know

Support for Windows Server 2003 ends in July 2015, ComputerworldUK Editor Mike Simons discusses the migration options with Dell and Microsoft. Find out more

Google Nexus series

Google Nexus series

The latest news, features and slideshows about Google's Nexus series, including the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet.


Part 2 of your journey to virtualisation

Explore how you can improve your servers, storage and networks by developing your infrastructure.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Check out our latest articles on Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

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The manual cost of managing open source and third-party code

In the past, developing all software internally was a point of pride. Today, the complexity of modern software, coupled with the pressures to release products on tight deadlines, has made delivering projects that rely exclusively on internal code development almost impossible. read more »

LibreOffice 4.0 - Six new features coming to open source suite

It's hard to believe LibreOffice has only been around about two years, so thoroughly has it come to dominate as the leading free and open source productivity suite, but late last week a release candidate for its next major version appeared. read more »

Hadoop creator Doug Cutting outlines vision of big data platform

Doug Cutting, creator of Hadoop and founder of the Apache Hadoop Project, says big data is not hype and it's not a bubble. He lays out his vision of how Hadoop will become the Holy Grail of big data systems read more »

The 5 key forces driving open source today

From the rise of foundations to emerging revenue models, the open source movement is primed for even greater impact on tomorrow's technologies read more »

Linux voting machines re-ignite e-voting debate in Belgium

Despite vocal mistrust of e-voting, 151 Flemish municipalities in Belgium will use new electronic voting machines in October 14 elections. read more »

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Facebook benefits from formalising management of open source

Facebook is now contributing more to external open source projects and keeping closer tabs on its own open source efforts

Microsoft, IBM back foundation for Node.js Web runtime platform

Joyent sponsored foundation aims for vendor neutral governance for the open-source software

White Papers

Take control of open source software usage in your development organisation

Looking to accelerate developer use of open source software? read more »

Open source governance in highly regulated companies

Open source software can empower developers, increase innovation and improve competitiveness read more »

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EU Trade Secrets Directive Threatens Scientific Open Data

Clinical trials data at risk, as well as whistleblowersread more »

CC-BY: What Open Access Can Learn From Open Source

If you are worried about commercial exploitation, you're doing it wrongread more »

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