Top email terms used by corporate fraudsters published by FBI

Top email terms used by corporate fraudsters published by FBI

'Cover up' tops list while 'nobody will find out' and 'grey area' also in top 10

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Software developed by the FBI and Ernst & Young has revealed the most common words used in email conversations among employees engaged in corporate fraud.

The software, which was developed using the knowledge gained from real life corporate fraud investigations, pinpoints and tracks common fraud phrases like "cover up", "write off", "failed investment", "off the books", "nobody will find out" and "grey area".

Expressions such as "special fees" and "friendly payments" are most common in bribery cases, while fears of getting caught are shown in phrases such as "no inspection" and "do not volunteer information".

In total more than 3,000 terms are logged by the technology, which monitors for conversations within the "fraud triangle", where pressure, rationalisation, and opportunity meet, said the FBI and Ernst & Young.

The analytics software also scans for "out of band" events such as "call my mobile" or "come by my office", suggesting the individual does not want to be overheard.

The software can also flag uncharacteristic changes in tone and language in conversations, and has been tailored for specific sectors, particularly traders.

Rashmi Joshi, director of Ernst & Young's fraud investigation and disputes services, said: "Despite being the prime means of all conversations unstructured email data plays almost no role in the compliance efforts of firms.

"Most often such email traffic is only seized upon by regulators or fraud investigators when the damage has been done. Firms are increasingly seeking to proactively search for specific trends and red flags."

The top fraud words and phrases in email conversations:

  1. Cover up
  2. Write off
  3. Illegal
  4. Failed investment
  5. Nobody will find out
  6. Grey area
  7. They owe it to me
  8. Do not volunteer information
  9. Not ethical
  10. Off the books



  • icymarv Ill be careful
  • jenniferlovescorruption Meanwhile the greatest fraud of all time is being perpetuated by the Federal Reserve and their network of shadow hedge funds What a sad joke our justice system has become
  • TagTangToo Oh wow thats some pretty amazing stuff going on over thereCyber-Anontk
  • AntonioAngelo21 the thing that is most scary is when you work in a very specialized field and you start getting ads from google targeted to something that only a few hundred people in the world would have interest in if google can do that monitoring your email there is no doubt a police state would be able to monitor for just about anything they wanted
  • Cody Sharp Its hard to write off this article completely or the methods the FBI goes to make sure there is no illegal behavior out there Honestly its a grey area between ethical and not ethical treatment of private data Do they owe it to me to us to investigate people using these terms or is it all for not a failed investment on their part At least they are telling us what they are looking for it would really be easy to cover up this info and keep it off the books If these guys are questioned by the FBI I recommend they do not volunteer information and if they play their cards right nobody will find out
  • CWUKWebmaster Very good David we enjoyed that
  • david gwaltney It is getting cold outside so cover up and be warm Wewould do well to write off the predictions of a mild winter The conduct of the media weather men shouldbe illegal Vacations booked for early 2013 should be seen as a failedinvestment Even if I incur special feeswith my time-share I plan to make significant changes They are pretty good about providing friendlypayments for such items The problem isthat they provide no inspection so keep it clean Nobody will find outif you move fast to change your time off to later this year What the summer will hold is a grey area Ialways get my three weeks in they owe it to me and Im going to take it If others as answer honestly but do notvolunteer information Otherwise everyone will be vying for the same primodates Some may say that this is not ethical but it is a dog-eat-dog world Untilthen keep your plans off the books and in your pocket If you have anyquestions just come by my office or call my mobile and well talk
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