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US government personnel agency takes system offline after new vulnerability revealed

More red faces and inconvenience at the agency which suffered two major hacks recently read more »

Cybercriminals pounce on serious Flash zero-day flaw

Recently patched vulnerability being used in large-scale attacks after only four days read more »

CryptoWall ransom malware sneaks onto systems using clickfraud botnet

FBI concerned enough to issue public warning after spate of attacks read more »

Samsung will stop blocking Microsoft software updates

The Korean company will no longer block Microsoft's update service from running on PCs it sells read more »

Zeus and SpyEye banking malware gang arrested in Ukraine

Alleged core members behind notorious malware picked up after Europol operation read more »

US govt's frantic IT security upgrade ignores best practice says by auditor

US Office of Personnel Management reaction after loss of 4m records slammed by lawmakers read more »

Adopting public cloud in AstraZeneca took some 'risk balancing'

Pharmaceutical firm uses cloud-based tools to garner innovation - which outweighs security risks, its senior architect says read more »

Cisco warns of default SSH keys shipped in three products

The flaw could allow an attacker to decrypt traffic exchanged by three Cisco virtual appliances read more »

Will EU deem Google, Facebook and Twitter part of critical infrastructure ?

Backdoor regulation or are online providers as significant as as banks and energy networks read more »

Adobe patches zero-day Flash Player flaw used in targeted attacks

The vulnerability has been exploited by a China-based cyberespionage group for several weeks, security firm FireEye says read more »

New Box Governance tool helps companies manage sensitive data

The cloud storage provider makes good on its promise to deliver full FINRA compliance read more »

(ISC)2 and Cloud Security Alliance launch new cloud qualification

Bodies promise ‘Certified Cloud Security Professional’ certificate will become “global standard” for protecting data in the cloud read more »

Google will begin de-listing 'revenge porn'

New policy will allow people to apply to have explicit content removed from search read more »

Hackers had access to US security clearance data for a year

The government still hasn't said how much data it fears was stolen read more »

Samsung to plug security hole on Galaxy smartphones

The vulnerability was found in the SwiftKey keyboard, which comes preloaded on the devices read more »

SAP Hana users warned of security vulnerability

Default encryption keys are the problem as enterprises ignore SAP set up instructions read more »

Are FTSE 100 executives cyber-literate? It's a tricky question

Survey finds a good level of cyber-literacy among the UK's elite - or does it? read more »

LinkedIn says private bug bounty program works for it better

Vetting researchers prior to them submitting bugs means getting higher quality reports, LinkedIn said read more »

Hackers break into LastPass network for second time in four years

Users will need to reset master passwords, says CEO read more »

Botnet targeting Linux servers made up third of SSH traffic until blocked

Level 3 reveals scale of 'SSHPsychos' botnet taken down in April read more »

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