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Windows 10 commandeers users' upload bandwidth

Microsoft will use its customers' upload bandwidth to deliver Windows 10's updates and apps with a P2P technology resembling BitTorrent, a fact that caught some by surprise. read more »

Windows 10's usage share jumps 4x in three days

Microsoft's Windows 10 got off to a roaring start in its first few days. read more »

Microsoft scores with free Windows 10 upgrade as downloads tally 10x Windows 8's first-day sales

The large jump was no surprise, since Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 upgrades to the bulk of systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. read more »

Business as usual for enterprise migrations to Windows 10

Windows 10 may be a radical change from its predecessors, maybe even the last version of the OS, but for enterprises planning to migrate to the new operating system, it will be the same old, same old, analysts said. read more »

Windows 10 picks up good vibrations, user excitations

Windows 10 is buzz-worthy, Adobe said as it cited data from its social media metrics platform that showed positive vibes about the new OS. read more »

Microsoft will provide free upgrades to Windows 10 for 2 to 4 years

Windows 10 pro likely to be supported longer than consumer versions of the operating system read more »

Windows 7 uptake record poses Microsoft challenge 3 weeks from Win 10 launch

Will Windows 7 have an XP-like afterlife and how will Microsoft handle it? read more »

Microsoft confirms 'waves' roll-out of Windows 10

Some Insider participants will get the final build on Wednesday, July 29, others will have to wait read more »

Microsoft releases its second Windows 10 build in two days

Build 10159 comes with more than 300 bug fixes and a revised login screen read more »

The US Navy's warfare systems command pays millions to stay on Windows XP

Windows XP and other obsolete systems remain critical to the Navy's operations read more »

Windows 8 users face patch shutoff in 7 months

Windows 8 users have a little less than seven months to move to Windows 8.1 or be cut off from Microsoft's stream of security updates. read more »

Microsoft uses security patch incentive to keep customers current on Windows 10

Microsoft will refuse security updates to businesses out of step with Windows 10's accelerated upgrade tempo read more »

Apple's El Capitan OS update promises natural language search and speed boost

Evolutionary but not revolutionary changes promised at WWDC read more »

Windows 10 upgrade will allow clean installs on the same device for free

Upgraders will be able to restore using the built-in Windows reset service or a disk image read more »

Microsoft provides privacy dashboard ahead of Windows 10 launch

The centralized controls for users come alongside an updated privacy policy and service agreement read more »

Microsoft casts wide net with Windows 10 system requirements

Boon for IT professionals as upgrade will do away with incompatible apps, but not all Windows 7 or 8.1 devices with right specs will make it read more »

Windows 10 to ship on July 29 for PCs and tablets

The upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 will be free until July 29, 2016 read more »

Microsoft issues crash warning with latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft has released another update for Windows 10, but warned users with an AMD graphics chipset to expect "frequent crashes" of the new Edge browser read more »

Moving off XP cut help desk calls by 60 percent, says NHS ICT head

Moving from obsolete Microsoft operating system took 18 months and cost £3.7m. Many NHS organisations are yet to take the plunge read more »

Microsoft set for 410M PCs on Windows 10 in 18 months

Net Applications survey of Windows 8 use gives insight into likely pace of adoption read more »

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