Tesco Direct sells iPad 3 for £50, website crashes after online tip-off

Tesco Direct sells iPad 3 for £50, website crashes after online tip-off

Tesco Direct website crashes half an hour after tip-off appears on Liverpool FC's online forums

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Tesco is selling the new iPad (nicknamed the "iPad 3") for just £49.99, according a product entry on the Tesco Direct website, which crashed just half an hour after our development team spotted it in a post on the Liverpool FC forum.

The entry, for an iPad Wi-Fi 4G 64GB black could only be accessed by going to the main Tesco Direct page and keying in the product code "213-2623"

Tesco Online

The editorial team at Computerworld UK tried to buy a couple of units for ourselves but the website jammed at the payment page of the online ordering system, probably because the news had spread virally by then.

Tesco has reacted quickly - in the fifteen minutes that we've been writing this story, they have pulled the product entry off their website, which is now back online.

Here is a screen shot of the email receipt our dev team received from their purchase, including a token £5 delivery charge:

iPad 3 being sold by Tesco Direct

Since the product entry has been pulled off the website, clearly this must have been an error by Tesco (especially as Apple has apparently already sold out of preorders for the new iPad), but we were wondering - will the people who managed to purchase the item in time on Tesco's online ordering system be able to receive their iPads for just £50?

Probably not.

Under the terms and conditions for Tesco Direct, it states:

"If, by mistake, we have under-priced an item, we will not be liable to supply that item to you at the stated price, provided that we notify you before we despatch the item to you. In those circumstances, we will notify the correct price to you so you can decide whether or not you wish to order the item at that price. If you decide not to order the item, we will give you a full refund on any amount already paid for that item in accordance with our refund policy."



  • Steve Fact If an item is mis priced the seller can refuse to sell you said item and withdraw it from sale However some vendors will to make a sale give you the option to buy at a reduced price but that maybe above the labelled price Fact they do not have to sell it to you at the price that is labelled
  • Steve They have the right to refund you your costs and not continue with the purchase whether or not it looks like they have taken it from your card
  • Tom LIU Once I ordered something from cex online when it says in stock but actually not They froze the fund from my card even until several days passed after they told me that they dont have it in stock That was very annoying but if thats what tesco does freeze the money but not take it from your card straight away then I guess they can just cancel the contract
  • gambiting Unfortunately they dont have to They have a right to refuse selling you a mislabelled item but you cannot force them to sell it to you at the wrong priceTrust me I had to go through this - when the Galaxy Nexus was released in the UK I wanted to get it on day one I knew that Phones4U will have it and they advertised it as costing 529 which I was willing to pay But when I made my way to their store that morning I found out that it was629 they have changed the price overnight I tried to arguethat they should sell it at 529 since that is the advertised pricebut then I looked into itand found out what I said earlier - in this situation they dont have to sell you that item they have a right to refuse sale due to mislabelling
  • Crowpunk13 I walked into a shopComet spotted a router i wantedpriced at 8999 took it to the counter and the staff member sighed and said its been priced wrongly Hehadnttaken any money yet but said he would have to give me it for the price it was shown as So if something is priced wrongly they still have to give you it because its a fault of their own The router i picked was meant to be priced at 140 so you can imagine i was smiling bigtime with an extra 50 in my wallet haha D
  • gambiting if they already took your money then yes you can
  • gambiting If they took money from your card already then yes they are This is a case of a genuine mistakebut the EU law that I am talking about has been created to prevent sellers from advertising a product as costing less than everywhere else and then when the customer tries to buy it they find out that there was a mistake which is basically a scam because in most cases the customer will just pay the difference to save themselves the trouble British law protects the seller but from having to sell the item at a reduced price - when they realize there was a mistakethey have a right to REFUSE selling you their product However if they already took money from youthen the seller-buyer contract has already been established and they cannot back off at that moment Its like you buying a car for 10k on ebay and then the seller saying that there was a mistake and actually they want 15k Not happening
  • Nob No you cant
  • Toffer99 Any offer on a website newspaper or anywhere else is just an offer to treat according to the law and no retailer is held to any particular price except the one finally agreed by both parties
  • JJ gambitingIt is absolutely not against EU law to refuse to honour a sales price if accidentally incorrect Tesco do not have to sell for the price advertised at all even if orders have been taken
  • Asdf Thats not true British sales of good laws protects sellers from mis-pricing errors as long as it was not done deliberately - online or in a shop Tesco is under no obligation to sell at 50
  • Darren Bagheadbaby a shop or online store has the right to withdraw products and refuse to sell So they are not breaking any laws
  • Nic I ordered one - havent received a cancellation email but the online order tracking says Cancelled - Unable to validate payment which made me smile as Id paid with Tesco vouchers
  • gambiting They can put whatever they want in their TampC - its the EU law that says that if they took an order at an advertised price they have to sell it at that price You can easily take them to court and win
  • Bagheadbaby thought it was the law too sell the item as it is stated on the website or in the shop even if it is an error
  • Wain1985speedy they say no one has been charged but what about all the 2s they took for online orders
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