Atos Origin abandoning email

Atos Origin abandoning email

Three year plan to move to collaboration tools and social community platforms

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IT services firm Atos Origin aims to become a "zero email company" within three years to help tackle what it calls "information pollution" bogging down management.

UPDATE: Defiant Atos will not return to email

Speaking at an innovation press conference this week, Atos Origin chief executive Thierry Breton said he would stop all emails between Atos Origin employees by instead using new collaboration and social media tools.

Breton said information pollution, or data overload, needed to be addressed by companies. "We are producing data on a massive scale that is fast polluting our working environments and also encroaching into our personal lives."

He added: "We are taking action now to reverse this trend, just as organisations took measures to reduce environmental pollution after the industrial revolution."

Breton said the volume of emails Atos sent and received was "unsustainable for business". He said managers currently spent between five and 20 hours a week reading and writing emails. They were already using social media networking more than search, and spent 25 percent of their time searching for information.

Atos Origin said it had set up collaboration tools and social community platforms to share and keep track of ideas on subjects like innovation, lean management, and sales as part of its attempt to reduce needless data exchange and searching.

"Businesses need to do more of this - email is on the way out as the best way to run a company and do business," Breton said.

Such solutions, like the use of Office Communicator, said Atos, provide "a more personal, more immediate and importantly a more cost effective means to manage and share information that supports the way of working in the 21st century". Such tools can reduce email volumes "by between 10 and 20 percent immediately", it said.

Last year, on-demand apps firm said most emails sent at work are "irrelevant". A survey it commissioned found that 70 percent of workers were sent irrelevant emails or were copied on emails of no interest.



  • Tarquin Mahoney Please help stop ATOS and their practices in the ukhttpwwwgopetitioncompetihttpvictimsofatoscorruptionhttpjohnnyvoidwordpressco
  • Js2773 CWUKWebmaster - you ommitted to mention in your headline that ATOS are banning INTERNAL email only The fact you excluded the word internal from the headline although you mention between ATOS employees in the article means that the headline is sensationalist as it exaggerates the truth
  • Abidemi O-Thomas Is it me of is there an inherent contradiction here More social collaboration tools more information pollution and time spent reading scouring through information - cutting email doesnt actually solve the problem of employee efficiency and productivity Though I agree it is a problem to be solved - just not in this way
  • Beingfromtheearth I want to send him an email
  • Paul Allington If they do not want to use E-Mail then Why are they using Facebook And Twitter
  • Af do not agree with it
  • CWUKWebmaster It is not a sensationalist healdine it is the reported view of the Atos chief exec
  • Scott Knitter Why does it have to be a complete wipeout of email For a more compelling headline methinks Point is that people need to learn the other ways to communicate well and use each method for the appropriate purpose and email can continue to be one of them
  • Rlijs I think this is a lot of bollocks
  • Nathan Zeldes Kudos to Atos Origin While email is unlikely to disappear any time soon replacing it internally with social networking channels is a very good move Forward thinking managers have had a hunch that this change is around the corner for some time now but Mr Breton is taking the first brave step to make it formal
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