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NHS promises delayed e-Referral service will launch in June

Launch seven months late after service failed 11 out of 26 GDS assessment criteria last year read more »

Pivotal delivers promise on open-source in-memory database

Pivotal has released the source code for much of its GemFire distributed in-memory database read more »

Mirantis joins Cloud Foundry Foundation to bridge OpenStack Paas gap

OpenStack won’t ‘move up the stack’ to compete with platform as a service providers, says Mirantis CEO read more »

SDN vulnerability forced OpenDaylight to focus on security

The SDN project now has a security response team to quickly handle new vulnerability reports read more »

VMware sued for alleged GPL license infractions

VMware says the lawsuit is without merit read more »

Facebook benefits from formalising management of open source

Facebook is now contributing more to external open source projects and keeping closer tabs on its own open source efforts read more »

Microsoft, IBM back foundation for Node.js Web runtime platform

Joyent sponsored foundation aims for vendor neutral governance for the open-source software read more »

Linux Foundation security group focusses on key projects to prevent next Heartbleed

With open source vital to so much of the online economy the Core Infrastructure Initiative must prioritise read more »

DDoS malware for Linux systems comes with sophisticated custom-built rootkit

XOR.DDoS is distributed through SSH brute-force password guessing attacks read more »

'Ghost' vulnerability poses high risk to Linux distributions

The flaw in the GNU C Library can be exploited remotely for full control, according to Qualys read more »

UK and US to share expertise on digital government, open data and coding schemes

GDS promise to share code with newly-launched US Digital Service after visit to Washington last week read more »

Mozilla upgrades Firefox to v.35, streamlines video calling

Firefox gets streamlined version of the plug-in-free Hello video calling service. read more »

Think that software library is safe to use? Not so fast!

Flaws in third-party software libraries often find their way into products, a problem that will occupy developers and sysadmins next year read more »

The 'grinch' isn't a Linux vulnerability, Red Hat says

The way Linux handles user permissions could still lead to potential misuse, security researchers say read more »

This Linux grinch could put a hole in your security stocking

A potential flaw in how Linux handles access rights could give attackers entry, a security firm charges read more »

British Gas to use Apache Cassandra for latest big data project to connect customers’ boilers

Utility firm will be able to offer customers true, real-time data on their energy usage read more »

Homerton hospital first to adopt national child protection info sharing scheme

System will give NHS staff access to social care information to help assess if a child is at risk read more »

Microsoft open sources .Net server stack

The company is building a version of .Net for Linux and Mac OS X read more »

Computer model predicts where Ebola is most likely to hit next

Europe is more likely to suffer outbreak than US due to flight connection pattern, a computer model predicts read more »

Docker gets some competition with new Joyent, Canonical containers

Joyent's Mantra aims for big-data jobs, while Canonical's LXD adds in an additional security measure read more »

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