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Early indicator puts Cook's 'iPad Christmas' prediction at risk

Analyst points out that Google Trends -- a predictor of past quarter sales -- is down 25% from last year at this time read more »

Some Windows 8.1 updates tripping over driver problems

Affected users are reporting that their attempts to download the new version of the OS are failing read more »

How to score an iPad Air on Friday

Plenty of tablets for the opening weekend, says analyst, but for those who just have to be first.... read more »

Windows XP infection rate may jump 66% after patches end in April

Microsoft again puts the scare into XP laggards, this time using stats read more »

Samsung's takes baby steps in touting Tizen OS to developers

Open source OS is viewed as a cross-platform opportunity, and an example that Samsung isn't fully dependent on Android read more »

After first day, OS X Mavericks on 1 in 18 Macs

Triple the 24-hour uptake of 2012's Mountain Lion, says ad network read more »

Apple gives away OS X Mavericks

'Free is good,' says Apple exec Tuesday as he announces free upgrade to newest Mac OS read more »

Microsoft: Windows RT 8.1 update glitch affects only Surface RT tablets

The OS update remains unavailable from the Windows Store read more »

Apple needs 22% of TV set market to stay on top

Apple needs new features and content to separate it from the television pack, research firm says read more »

Analyst pumps Tuesday's iPad reveal as 'most important upgrade' since 2010

Expect shortages if Mini goes Retina, but how tight it'll be remains uncertain until Apple reveals price read more »

Tablets shipments to mushroom by 53% in 2013

Smaller form factors favored, Gartner says read more »

Microsoft offers help for bricked Surface RT tablets

Releases recovery image and detailed instructions to bring crippled device back to life after borked update read more »

Errors stymie Windows 8.1 updates on some devices

Microsoft support blames device driver 'bug check' for some of the installation failures read more »

Microsoft yanks Windows 8.1 update for Surface RT after 'Blue Screen of Death' reports

Long-awaited update 'bricks' some tablets after it corrupts boot configuration data file read more »

Apps deployed on iPhone and iPad dominate in the enterprise

Good Technology finds hint of new enterprise interest in Android apps read more »

Windows 8.1: Microsoft’s redesign of a bold but flawed OS

Start button is back as OS update takes on criticisms made of Windows 8 read more »

iPhone 5C production cut rumors 'tell us nothing'

Analyst scoffs at conclusions that iPhone 5C is selling poorly because Apple's contractors have scaled back production for the fourth quarter read more »

Apple to uncover -- or cover -- new iPads, including Retina Mini on Oct. 22

Analyst cracks Apple's Enigma machine, sees 'cover' in the 7-word invite and speculates on keyboards read more »

2-to-1 iPhone 5S/5C sales mix resembles 2012's blend

iPhone 5C grabs slightly larger share in early sales than did the iPhone 4S last year read more »

Enterprises will snub Microsoft's faster release tempo by sticking with Windows 7

Ballmer doesn't get it, says Gartner analyst: Businesses don't want to deal with annual Windows updates read more »

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