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Computer Operating Systems

Apps deployed on iPhone and iPad dominate in the enterprise

Good Technology finds hint of new enterprise interest in Android apps read more »

Windows 8.1: Microsoft’s redesign of a bold but flawed OS

Start button is back as OS update takes on criticisms made of Windows 8 read more »

iPhone 5C production cut rumors 'tell us nothing'

Analyst scoffs at conclusions that iPhone 5C is selling poorly because Apple's contractors have scaled back production for the fourth quarter read more »

Apple to uncover -- or cover -- new iPads, including Retina Mini on Oct. 22

Analyst cracks Apple's Enigma machine, sees 'cover' in the 7-word invite and speculates on keyboards read more »

2-to-1 iPhone 5S/5C sales mix resembles 2012's blend

iPhone 5C grabs slightly larger share in early sales than did the iPhone 4S last year read more »

Enterprises will snub Microsoft's faster release tempo by sticking with Windows 7

Ballmer doesn't get it, says Gartner analyst: Businesses don't want to deal with annual Windows updates read more »

Canonical's Saucy Salamander gives Ubuntu some speed

The new version of Ubuntu will also come with the latest edition of OpenStack read more »

'Barbie Dreamhouse' bug changes Mac, iPhone calendar's gaudy colors

iCloud glitch in August returns, swaps users' custom calendar colors for purple and pink, won't let them manually switch back read more »

Windows XP deadline provides dull grey lining to slumping PC market

PC shipments fell by 7.6 percent during Q3, performing better than IDC's original projection of a 9.5 percent drop read more »

Apple to reveal new iPads Oct. 22

Reports by AllThingD tech blog and others peg the launch event as in sync with 2012's debut of iPad Mini read more »

Ballmer promises Office on iPad after touch-first apps hit Windows

First time Microsoft's publicly said it will bring the lucrative franchise to Apple's tablet read more »

Fujitsu won't cede the Unix market to IBM

read more »

Microsoft wants to make one operating system for all devices

read more »

Apple seeds 'gold master' of OS X Mavericks to devs

Past practice hints that Oct. 23 is the upgrade's likely launch date read more »

Few use tablets to replace laptops

Workers still see value in laptops for running most critical apps, IDC survey says read more »

Windows 8 brushes up against 10% user share mark

In the last two months, Microsoft's newest OS has added 3.5 points to its share of all computing devices powered by Windows read more »

Cisco IOS updates fix 10 denial-of-service vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities can be exploited by unauthenticated, remote attackers to cause connectivity loss, hangs or reloads read more »

After a week, iOS 7 runs more than half of Apple's mobile devices

14% faster uptake than last year's iOS 6 read more »

Teardowns reveal Apple's customary high margins for both iPhone 5S and 5C

iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner the source of pinched supply, says HIS analyst Andrew Rassweiler read more »

iOS 7 off to speedy adoption start

Ad network Chitika says nearly a third of all North American iOS traffic now comes from Wednesday's upgrade read more »

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