Microsoft Surface tablet does not worry Lenovo chief

Microsoft Surface tablet does not worry Lenovo chief

Chinese PC maker is confident it can provide better hardware than Microsoft

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Lenovo is not worried about the new Microsoft Surface tablet, with CEO Yang Yuanqing stating the PC maker is confident it provides better hardware than its competitors.

"Microsoft are strong in the software, but I don't believe they can provide the best hardware in the world. Lenovo can," said Yang.

"Although we don't like Microsoft providing the hardware, but even though they are starting this hardware business, we think for us that just adds one more competitor," he added.

Earlier this month, the CEO of rival PC maker Acer said the company was opposed to Microsoft selling its Surface tablet, which he said would be negative for the industry's ecosystem.

In the past, Microsoft has relied on PC vendors to push out its Windows product through their notebook and desktop products. But for its upcoming Windows 8 release, the software giant has decided to sell its own "Surface" tablet device using the OS, which would compete with its partners products.

Reports have also emerged that a version of Microsoft's Surface tablet will be priced at $199. But Yang said: "Regarding of the Surface, to be frank, we are not that worried about that."

"We are still confident in ourselves. We are providing much better hardware than our competitors including Microsoft," he said.

Microsoft could not be reached immediately for comment. Windows 8 and the Surface tablet are scheduled to be released on October 26.



  • Markyboy interesting that you didnt mention the most valuable company in the world anywhere in there dont they have an offering in this market
  • John Even worst pressing ahead with Surface could open the Pandoras Box for MicrosoftIt will make all current hardware manufacturers wake up to the reality and option that they could easily switched to selling their boxes with Linux Distros such as openSuSe or RedhatMicrosoft is risking massive haemorrhaging of potential future sales in this unnecessary spate with its long term hardware partnersThis Is going to be the most exiting and interesting space to watch in the world of IT in the months to comeI for one cant wait to see the consequences of Microofts gambitLet the show begin
  • John Of course Lenovo is not worried Surface is designed to fail aiming for a sweet spot that does not existSerious business users will continue to buy laptops and ultra books Homemakers will stick to Android tablets The rest will get the Note 2 which is not only open source but doubles as a phone and 13MP Camera with Quad Cores and a pressure sensitive pen interface to bootMicrosoft will have to digg a lot of dusty land to bury the unsold 3 million Surface tablets
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