Microsoft raises UK prices by a third and can’t rule out future hikes

Microsoft raises UK prices by a third and can’t rule out future hikes

The move is due to sustained currency differences between European countries

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Microsoft has revealed that it will increase volume licencing prices in the UK by an average of 29 percent to adjust for the ‘sustained currency differences between European countries’.

UK businesses have until 1 July to place their orders under the current prices before the changes take effect.

Microsoft claims that because of sustained differences between the British pound and the euro, price spikes are necessary to maintain consistency across the region.

“From July 1 in the UK, these adjustments will result in pound sterling price list rises for new volume licensing contracts of between 7.5 percent and 33.5 percent, to ensure greater consistency with the equivalent euro price list,” said Scott Dodds, UK GM of marketing and operations at Microsoft UK.

“The majority of UK business customers purchasing Microsoft products from partners buy through the open volume licensing program which is particularly popular with small businesses. We can now confirm that partners will see a 7.5% increase in list prices from July 1 for all new open purchases made,” he added.

Prices for enterprise agreement licences will increase by 25.7 percent for on-premise and 21 percent for Office 365, Select or Select Plus Agreement licences will increase by 24.6 percent, and Open Value will increase by 33.5 percent.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson the changes will not apply to Windows, Office, or other products sold to consumers through retailers or on pre-installed PCs. Academic on-premise pricing will continue to be heavily discounted, and the public sector will remain unaffected.

However, Microsoft confirmed to Computerworld UK that it could not rule out future increases, as it will continue to monitor currency movements and may make further adjustments if there are large fluctuations.



  • Ebony Nyuga I use Google Docs a lot especially when Im not using a windows machine As a matter of fact I havent used Windows in quite a while
  • v More like they are trying to make up for lost revenue ahem free loot due to google apps gaining on office
  • Tony Lockett Come to Novell instead our products and prices are great and since the Attachmate acquisition the products have improved significantly with features that everyone wants
  • master811 This makes no sense as the Pound is currently stronger than the Euro than it has been in the last few years so should make imports from the Europe and ergo anything priced in Euros cheaper not more expensive
  • Foo One more reason to use LibreOffice
  • Annoyed Small Biz owner I am sure lots of small business like ours will be more than happy to pay over 20 more for products which are already not best-in-class -OThe only way to read this is that Google has inflitrated Microsoft and is working as a mole to boost Google Apps salesLoving the currency rate excuse Did not notice 20 more buying power in the US last weekMakes our switch to Google look more and more savvy
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