London Stock Exchange hit by glitch after Linux launch

Turquoise big bang suffers networking issues

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The London Stock Exchange experienced a glitch today on its Turquoise service, 24 hours after the high profile relaunch of the dark pool on open source based systems.

The problem was a networking issue, the LSE told Computerworld UK, and stopped trading between 08.15 and 09.15 today.

The exchange has not given more details on the glitch, but said that Turquoise worked successfully for the rest of the day.

The problem came 24 hours after it switched from the Cinnober platform over to Linux and Unix based systems from supplier MillenniumIT, which it acquired last year. It is not known whether the new systems were the direct source of the issue.

Daniel Garrod, an exchanges analyst at Barclays Capital, told Reuters that “there are often teething problems” with such a large technology migration.

The LSE’s main TradElect trading platform will also switch over to the MillenniumIT systems on 1 November, with a test switch-on this weekend.



  • TGM Have you even read Microsofts get the facts website
  • shaun The difference is that when Windows went down it was for WAY over an hour if memory serves it was actually for over 24 hours For something like a stock exchange that is inexcusable
  • Brentrbrian Nice job surprised it went off that well regardless of the software used
  • Mei Wen Ti You mean stealing a play from the Linux zealots handbook
  • Mei Wen Ti Are you for real When it was a Windows based system that went down and the same networking problem excuse was given you were probably crying bloody murder
  • Stoffell Thats impressive such a massive switch An outage of 1 hour well Growing pains is what you call this its a completely new system so Lets keep a close look at them in the next few monthsyears
  • sweemeng All we need is microsoft to quote this and blow it out of proportion and put it in their get the facts campaign
  • Greygeek I suspect that the LSE Linux servers will be the target of huge windows bot farms for the foreseeable future The LSE admins better prepared
  • McIvor Id be surprised if they could make that big a change without problems honestly but I foresee that this will be the source of a lot of anti-Linux flaming in the near future
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