Government to spend up to £4.6bn on smart meter WAN

Government to spend up to £4.6bn on smart meter WAN

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The government is planning to spend up to £4.58 billion on building three wide area networks to link to smart meters in 30 million UK homes and businesses.

The utility companies - which are currently in the process of putting up their prices for gas and electricity - have previously said that any adoption of widespread smart metering would need government cash to enable it.

The government, which has detailed some of its plans in contract notices, said it plans to build three regional smart metering WANs to carry the data - worth up to £1.53 billion each. The tenders were placed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The three areas, going as separate lots, are: northern Great Britain including Scotland, central Great Britain including Wales, and southern England.

The governmant has also put out two tender documents for the supply of smart meter data services - worth up to £240 million in total. A "central data and communications company" will be created to collect data gleaned from the three planned WANs.

The government has long said that smart metering is a vital initiative in modernising the UK. The rollout is aimed at helping customers to control their usage by providing detailed real time information on what their consumption is costing. It is also seen as an important step towards smart grids, which will target better management of demand..

But such a large layout of cash may nevertheless prove controversial. In June, the National Audit Office said that the rollout, set to cost £11.3 billion in total, faces “major risks” on value for money, because there was “uncertainty” about “the extent to which smart meters will result in changed energy use by consumers over a sustained period” as well as concerns that the government has not yet developed a benefits realisation plan.



  • James Ettles The three areas going as separate lots are northern Great Britain including Scotland central Great Britain including Wales and southern EnglandSo Wales Scotland and any one north of London live in Great Britain only Southerners are English
  • Terry how do you know that Wheres that from Do you trust that source
  • Glen all of the above that you have posted is in the US this is the UK totally different setup Sends a signal every couple of hours via sim card in the electric meter so no more radiation than a mobile phone
  • RobertWilliams Watch video 4 above in my comments or buy your own radiation analyzing meter of your own and see for yourselfThe radiation transmissions from each meter attached to each home transmit to all the other homes meters in their community Each meter is also a Receiver and re-transmits the signals received from the other meters That is the nature of the Mesh Network used by the utility companies to transmit the data The Collector Unit of the utility company placed every 12 mile or full mile away collects the signal transmissions That collector unit does NOT have to send the information at the same rate that radiation is being emitted by each homes meter The collector can send its accumulated information to the utility company computers as often as the Utility company programs its systemBut the meters on each home do IN FACT send ON AVERAGE a bit more often then every four seconds approximately 22500 times per day 247And EACH radiation transmission goes into and through the body and brain of Each fetus infant toddler child teen adult pet and senior in the homeOnce a week data would not give the utility company the information that they pretend to need to support a smart grid Think about itI dont mind you trying to be clever to criticize me but get the actual and correct information next time and consider that rather than the concept in your mind and look at the video 4 and see for yourselfBestRW
  • Dr Evil's understudy Robbie surely its time you concentrated onyour Take That career Why on earth would a smart meter need to communicate and hence transmit so called radiation pulses every four seconds 24hrs a day Energy suppliers wouldnt be able to cope with data at that frequency - once a day at most maybe even once a week communications to obtain data
  • RobertWilliams SMART METER PRIVACY VIOLATIONSMust-See 4-minute youtube video on Smart metershttpwwwyoutubecomwatchfSMART METER HEALTH PROBLEMS AND CANCERA The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION on May 31 2011 placed the Non-ionizing radiation coming from Wireless smart meters and some other wireless devices on the Class 2-B Carcinogen Listhttpwwwiarcfrenmedia-ce B The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH months ago Feb 2011 found biological changes in the brain after only minutes of exposure to non-ionizing radiationhttpjamaama-assnorgconteC LABORATORY SCIENTISTS have observed1 Human Cell Damage2 DNA Chain Breaks3 Breaches in the Blood-Brain Barrierfrom levels of non-ionizing radiation lower than emitted by WIRELESS Smart metershttpelectromagnetichealthoD INSURANCE COMPANIES Hired Independent Laboratory Scientists and these scientists also observed Cell Damage and DNA Chain Breaks and now the Insurance Companies will NOT Insure Liability damage from Wireless Smart meters and other wireless devicesTV Video 3 minuteshttpeon3emfblognetp382 So shouldnt installation of Wireless smart meters on peoples homes STOPBecause Cell Phone use and other devices are Voluntary and can be shut off at the users discretion that is a different issue1 WIRELESS SMART METERS 100 TIMES MORE RADIATION THAN CELL PHONESVideo Interview Nuclear Scientist Daniel Hirsch 5 minuteshttpstopsmartmetersorg2012 WIRELESS SMART METERS CANCER NERVOUS SYSTEM DAMAGE ADVERSE REPRODUCTION AFFECTSVideo Interview Dr Carpenter New York Public Health Department Dean of Public Health 2 minuteshttpemfsafetynetworkorgp3 THE KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE IN STOCKHOLM the University that gives the Nobel Prizes ISSUES GLOBAL HEALTH WARNING AGAINST WIRELESS SMART METERS2-page Press Releasehttpwwwscribdcomdoc48144 RADIATION MEASURED FROM SMART METER MOUNTED ON A HOME once active in the utility system SHOWS RADIATION TRANSMISSION PULSES APPROXIMATELY ONCE EVERY FOUR SECONDS 24 HOURS PER DAY traveling through the bodies and brains of the inhabitants of that homeYoutube Video 6 minutes 1st minute is sufficienthttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvCUSTOMER UTILITY BILLS AFTER SMART METERS INSTALLEDSkyrocketing Utility Bills after installationTV News Video 3 minuteshttpwwwbakersfieldnowcom
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