Bloomberg market data API made public

Bloomberg market data API made public

'Easy access' for systems based in Java, C++, Perl, .Net and other languages

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Bloomberg has made public its valuable application programming interface (API) for market data, making it free for trading firms and software developers to access the code.

The API works with a number of programming languages and operating systems, including Java, C, C++, .Net, COM and Perl, and is designed to be "simple" as well as suitable for low latency applications, Bloomberg said. It is available here.

The move to make the interface public contrasts with Bloomberg's past practice – and that of arch rival Thomson Reuters – of making firms pay for using a particular set of systems to access the data. The move is part of Bloomberg's Open Market Data Initiative.

Thomson Reuters is currently embroiled in a dispute with EU antitrust officials over its own APIs. The officials allege the company is taking advantage of its dominant market position by restricting access to the codes.

Bloomberg's API is available to companies that are customers and those that are not, allowing them "an alternative" to proprietary technology, the data firm said. It intends for the initiative to "spur innovation" in the financial services industry. Around 100,000 financial services staff use the Bloomberg API daily.

"We intend to evolve [the API] into an open standard with the help of an independent committee charged with managing the future development and stability of a truly open market data interface," said Shawn Edwards, chief technology officer at Bloomberg.

Bloomberg also recently released its Open Symbology API, a system used to identify securities across all global asset classes.

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  • Jordan Robinson Theres a Bloomberg API Emulator athttpbemucodeplexcom that looks and acts like the Bloomberg API The difference is that it generates fake data so that you can see how the actual Bloomberg API would work If you dont want to pay the for the service give this a try
  • Mitch They are not giving away any data simply their API Good luck doing anything with their API without a subscription
  • Mjkingnyc Technically the software is free not the service But its a stake in the ground for the industry players to reconsider prop licensing of its technology on top of charging for the service Also consider that a whole cottage industry can be created off of open standard free use tech Its a smart move and it puts TR on notice
  • Bloomberg This has been available for over 10 yearsBloomberg technical support
  • Nota Bene Probably on a 15-20 minute delay so itd be worthless
  • One Minute Finance very cool happy to see someone finally opened the access for others
  • Matt follow theasterisk on the press release you pay for the content Bloomberg is offering its programming interface BLPAPI under a free-use agreement Thisdoes not apply to any contenthttpopenbloombergcompdf
  • Guest This
  • Guest Bloomberg like Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters sell licenses to their news BB and TR had proprietary softwarehardware to get their news while Dow Jones offers the code and APIs for getting their news Now BB is joining the gaem to let places make their own programs it would seem
  • Miami Design Very cool Good to see Bloomberg is an open company
  • Abe Yes this is very confusing there is no clarification even in the API docs if you need to be a subscriber to actually access the data Also assuming you can - can you get news from this service
  • They make money because its not actually free It appears that you still have to subscribe to their data and then use the API for free The only real difference is it could be built in instead of going to the terminal to access it Please correct me if Im wrong in my interpretation
  • Shri I dont think the idea behind open market initiative would be money
  • PT how will they monetize
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