Bank of Scotland online banking problems continue

Bank of Scotland online banking problems continue

Customers urged to report their issues

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Some Bank of Scotland (BoS) customers have experienced problems managing their accounts in branches, as well as online, two weeks after a systems migration.

However, the bank denies any issues with branch systems, insisting that they are all “fully operational” and urged customers still experiencing problems to contact the bank.

“Services in branches have been fully operational since the system change. If an individual customer has experienced an issue in a specific branch, I am more than happy to look into this case in more detail,” a spokesperson for Bank of Scotland said.

BoS’s online banking customers have been facing problems with accessing their accounts after a system upgrade by parent company Lloyds Banking Group over the weekend of 10 September. Lloyds is currently migrating Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers onto the Lloyds TSB platform. Last week, a customer’s ongoing account access problems were resolved within a day but only after ComputerworldUK published an article highlighting his issues.

Around three million people use BoS’s internet banking service, and holders of personal and business accounts have been affected in a variety of different ways.

One small business customer, who wished to remain anonymous, told ComputerworldUK: “The local business banking branch could not access or print details, receipts etc, and they confirmed that they have had only a handful of customers not reporting problems, with the vast majority hitting issues.”

In response to BoS’s statement, the customer added: “[My] regional business manager absolutely admitted that there were problems with the branch systems, in particular not being able to print caused by different versions of some software platform being used.”

Another problem that some customers raised was around the tokens that business customers are required to use, after they enter their username and password, to access their accounts.

As part of the migration, the bank sent out new tokens to replace ones that were provided by RSA. RSA suffered a major attack on its SecurID token-based authentication system earlier this year.

One customer said he “never got as far as the token”, while another customer said that unlike the RSA tokens, the new ones from Vasco are branded with the BoS logo, which they believed would allow anyone to know which website to access to hack an account.

“We wrote to all customers earlier this year to explain that they would be receiving new tokens. The new tokens were necessary to support the system upgrades. A very small percentage of [business] customers (less than 0.2 percent) experienced delays receiving their tokens, or issues using them after receipt,” the BoS spokesperson said.

But the bank declined to comment on whether or not the new tokens were brought in due to RSA’s security breach.

Customers have also had problems accessing their accounts via different web browsers.

One customer can access an account through Firefox, for example, but not through Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7.

The BoS spokesperson said: “Our online platform is routinely tested against a wide range of browser and operating system combinations. Customers using both IE9 and Windows 7 have accessed the site without any problems. It could be due to individual settings on the customer’s PC.”

Nonetheless, the affected customer said: “The issue is that the ‘old’ Internet banking system was working on the same PC as of 3pm Friday [9 September], the new one was not working at 9am [12 September]. The only difference is the Lloyds system and they have to appreciate that it is for them to make their systems conform with Microsoft’s standards, not the other way round!”

Meanwhile, a customer has revealed that access to his bank accounts was restored just hours after his problems were highlighted by ComputerworldUK. He had originally been told that it would take another 10 days from last Tuesday to fix the problem.

“My relationship manager at BoS forwarded this [the article] to the BoS press office, finally putting pressure on them to resolve the issue, and I was up and running by 9.30 that evening,” said Simon Guiton, managing director of veterinary publisher VetIndex

“This is a really great result, but it shows that in my case at least, the only thing to cut through the complete inertia was to shine the harsh spotlight of bad publicity on the bank.”



  • John Hind I have had a problem for almost a year now trying to log into my Bank of Scotland internet banking accounts using internet explorer 9 - 8 - and 7 using windows 7I can log in using Google chrome without any problem I have talked to the technical help line person but after about an hour all he could come up with was I should log in with Google chrome instead of internet explorer Help and advice What an answer no wonder the Bank of Scotland is in such a mess If anyone out there has a solution please lets have it Micky Mouse could come up with better advice than the help desk
  • D M Macleod Still the Bank of Scotland woes continue After the initial problem of not being able to see my Business bank statement online my key token was damaged making it unreadable not too worry phone the help desk and get a replacement and here is the problem I am according to BoS the only person in the whole world who can order a new key token and I can not access there online page because the bank does not recognise my details I have tried phoning but no one can tell me when this problem is going to get fixed 33days and counting Oh and my relationship manager still hasnt returned my calls Its just so bad
  • Tommy M Ive been trying daily for 3 weeks to open an online account and keep getting a message saying there is a problem and should phone the number shown for help When I phone they say they cant help Also called at branch and they cant help either If you contact HBOS Halifax Bof S through Contact Us they say there is nothing wrong and that I should keep trying
  • Imray Still experiencing problems and no solution offered at all
  • Anh Nguyen Please feel free to email me directly if you want to go into more detail about your problems at anhnguyenidgcouk Thank you
  • Andrew Lyner It is 28th September and I still have had no satisfaction I have rung countless times - different departments - but to no avail I now need to transfer money from my Web Saver account and I cannot do this by telephone because they do not have the authorityStrangely I was given a token way back although I am not a business customer afaik Now I cannot get to the login screen for tokens The staff seem to be totally overwhelmed and dont seem to be able to cope with this Im off to another Bank Ive had enough
  • Suzie I too havent had online access to my accounts since 12 September but Im not a business customer and never have been so have never needed a token to access my access Over the past fortnight I have variously been told by the online helpdesk that it must be my browser settings - not so and in any event I can log in to the site only to be greeted by a message suggesting that I do not have any accounts that can be accessed online they were perfectly accessible before this fiasco began - that it will be fixed by 330 this afternoon 14 September or shortly after that the technical team are working on it 24 hours a day and today 27 September that its a technical problem affecting random customers and they have no idea when it will be fixed My patience ran out on Friday 23 September when I filed a telephone complaint so far without result The apparent absence of any sense of urgency grows more and more frustrating as the days go by not to mention the time wasted telephoning the bank on a daily basis
  • Chris Greene I have not had access to my Bank of Scotlandbusiness bank account since 12 September because I never received the new token I was told the bank knew what customers had not been sent tokens and the new tokens were being posted at midnight that day On Thursday 15 September when the token had not arrived I telephoned again andwas told that the token had been sent special delivery and would be with me at 100pm that day The new token has still not arrived and my client relationnship manager cannot tell me when I am likely to receive it as it is being bealt with by Lloyds TSB and she has no information I am truly disgusted with this serviceChris Guildford
  • Robin With my Bank of Scotland Business Account following the recent internet banking upgrade Iam no longer able to access details about my business credit card transactions I find it quite extraordinary in an era when weare trying to avoid using paper that we have gone back to paper statementsevery other credit card I use encourages you to not have paper statements andaccess your statements on line In fact even on Bank of Scotland PersonalBanking I can access my credit cards on line along with my other accounts Thisis a huge backwards step and I have filed a complaint for what it is worth ifenough people do the same then we may get some progress
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