Apple HTML5 patent angers W3C

Apple HTML5 patent angers W3C

World Wide Web Consortium claims 'prior art' invalidates Apple patent

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The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is seeking to invalidate a pair of Apple patents so the underlying technologies can be used as part of a royalty-free HTML5 stack.

The W3C's call for prior art is necessary, the organisation argues, because it maintains a strict policy of validating Web standards that can be used without paying for royalties. By finding examples of the technology in use before Apple filed the patents, the W3C can render those patents invalid.

The patented technologies are core components to the W3C's Widget Access Request Policy, which specifies how mobile applications can request sensitive material. It is one of a number of specifications that are closely tied to the W3C's next generation standard for Web pages and applications, HTML5.

Apple has submitted application requests to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describing technologies that the W3C working group has folded into this specification: pending patent 20070101146, which covers access control procedures, and approved patent 7,743,336, which covers widget security.

As a member of the W3C, Apple should provide a royalty free license for technologies essential to the standards being developed, observers have noted. Thus far, the company has not done so, however.

"It's an unpleasant situation for the W3C to have to confront one of its members, especially such a large and powerful one, but sometimes this can't be avoided," said intellectual property advocate Florian Mueller, in a blog post on the subject.

Apple did not respond immediately to inquiries for this story.



  • GreyGeek77 Apples patent on sending company agents along on police raids in order to direct their activities is still pending Their model is the Gizmo raid but prior art by Microsoft and other corporations may invalidate their claim
  • theshwam Oooh Apple pulling out the ole Rambus playbook eh
  • Farran Lee I keep telling people why I hate Apple yet still they dont understandThe ignorance of the patent granting bodies will destroy all technical innovation
  • Guest Cmon its Apple were talking about here
  • Cornel Another example of how wrong wrong wrong is the actual policy of approving patents in the USA at least in the software business I very much doubt this bureaus capability of addressing correctly any other kind of patent but whats really hurting me is this so obvious incompetence in all these patents related to softwareIts just simpler to invalidate all i mean ALL software patents a lot of them are just plain insults to any computer professional around the worldI know Im dreaming but wouldnt be a better life if this would happen To be a member of W3C and in that quality to try to patent something conflicting with the previous status this is an abomination
  • Jamart Unbelievable how some people can be such greedy ungrateful despicable bastards
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