Sarah Palin says: target WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange like the Taliban

Sarah Palin says: target WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange like the Taliban

Comments come as Interpol attempts to track down Assange for alleged offences

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Sarah Palin, who is widely tipped as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2012, has said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be hunted down in the way armed forces are targeting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Her outburst comes during a week when the WikiLeaks founder faced troubling accusations, with the Interpol international police organisation putting him on ‘red notice’ for alleged offences. The notice does not amount to an arrest warrant but is aimed at locating Assange, whose whereabouts have been unknown for some time.

Assange denies the allegations, and has branded them part of a smear campaign against him. The accusations began to surface in August. Around that month Assange was preparing to release a stash of communications from US ambassadors, revealing high level doubts over David Cameron’s ability as British prime minister, details that the US authorities had sanctioned spying on United Nations officials, and claims that China had hacked into Google. Assange is now targeting big business in the next data release.

In an outburst on Facebook this week, Palin - who once encouraged oil companies to "drill, baby, drill" in the middle of an Arctic wildlife reserve - branded Assange an “anti-American operative with blood on his hands”.

She wrote: “Assange is not a 'journalist', any more than the 'editor' of al-Qaeda's new English-language magazine Inspire is a 'journalist'." But in a 2008 US television interview with presenter Katie Couric, Palin herself appeared unable to name the newspapers she reads.

Palin continued: “His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?"

She claimed WikiLeaks’ financial assets should be frozen "just as we do to individuals who provide material support for terrorist organisations".

She said “cyber tools" should be used to "permanently dismantle WikiLeaks". In an interview with Forbes magazine, Assange was asked for a response to rumours that famous hacker Peiter Zatko, who also goes by the name ‘Mudge’, was working with the Pentagon to develop technology that can stop such data leaks. He declined to comment directly, but asserted that new forms of communication were always a step ahead of technology aimed at stopping them.

Remarks spreading this week across the US political spectrum demonstrate the increasing concern over the comments of ambassadors being unveiled by WikiLeaks. The news has been plastered across newspapers and the internet.

The Obama administration said the WikiLeaks documents had a “fairly modest” impact on US policy. Nevertheless, it has opened an urgent data security review.



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  • Tommy99 I think its hilarious that all these media people are ganging up on one man for telling the truth The establishment are cleary throwing their dummies thats pacifier to you americans out of the pram Whats the matter then big powerful people cant take it when your lies and corruption are exposed not man enough to get some back youre all heading for a big fall people are waking up and theyre not going to pass all this off as another nutter gone off the rails We know hes doing the right thing and all the hate propoganda in the world aint gonna change that
  • snp5k and from another aussie-not austiethe world is a better place without powerful moronsAmerica is universally reviled for the lies and treachery it dealsthe world knows iteven good americans know itwikileaks merely confirms itwake up and leave before your home in rome burns tooyou get what you get because you give what you give
  • 124567 Put the woman in prison and throw away the key
  • Pete2099 What most Americans or voters think will not determine her faith or any other corporate backed and supported candidate Corporations with their control over the news media propaganda polls elected officials and yes the electronic voting machines will determine just who will win and who will loseA candidate can not run unless he can be supported by a huge amount of wealth and by the corporate news media and that just will never happenThe last election has shown everyone how the powers to be control all the marblesAlso when you have the two major parties determining just who they will support and fund on their ticket you cut the average person from even having a chance to run
  • Pete2099 You will never see a republican which is a puppet of these Global Empires be investigated much less prosecuted for their hate lies and attacks which cause damage to othersLook where Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Rove Rice Rush Coulter and all the republicans which have committed Corruption crimes and destruction to our country citizen and economy are todayWalking the streets with the profit and bundle they have created with their corruption or crimes
  • Huubschwerzel Sarah Palin has influence allthough shes brainless as her too many followers Inciting to kill must punished by law When judges find her guilty she can spend her new millions of dollars in jailAny civilised country where are they because for sure US doesnt count among them has to protest against dangerous populism
  • Flipper Sarah Palin Hmmm well she is lookin good i really have to admit that But as beutyfull she looks as bad perhaps worse she is But it is my guess that more amp more Americans will come to the conclusion that actually she is not suitable for which job whatever it isFlipper
  • Flipper Probably she is not aware from what she is doin herself Well that could be okay perhaps But please let her not be goin around in which job abywhere Flipper
  • John Pope, Australia An Austrian My god if you are an American you couldnt do a better parody of the typical ignorant one that us Australians joke aboutThankfully many in your country are not like you
  • John Pope, Australia Clearly And this Palin seems to think that a second amendment solution should apply to the non-American Assange for his deployment of a first amendment solution
  • John Pope, Australia Would this be the same Sarah Palin of the inflammatory rhetoric gun-sighted graphics lined up on Gifford and urgings to her Tea Party nutters to not retreat but reload Words have consequences Sarah especially when you incite your rabid followers
  • Tmax No wonder the Americans are the most hated nation in the world
  • Guest Hahah I find it funny that all Palins Antagonists do is call names Lets see Dear Sarah Palin You are a complete idiot Sarah Palin is dangerous she must be stopped Surely someone like her cannot be taken seriously Oh wait we are talking about America here I really hate that woman Etc Etc And yet your willing to support an Austrian who wants to give away state secrets to anyone with an internet connection
  • Big Bob I was supportive of Sarah Palin as an underdog but now after her views of protecting the corrupt elite and punishing the messenger the sooner she fades the better
  • seo haha this woman wants to be president with her lack of intelligence im sure she could easily be
  • jerry McClure At the momentPaul still earns 750 an hourElroys doing 25 for a minor felony in CApeople cant name 3 european countriescollege isnt an optionand Im still living abroad11 years on- with a growing resentment toward my country- You have never given us an identity in which to hold our headand say I am American with any pride or justification Thank you You were just a memory
  • Svobodna Actually the definition of treason is someone who acts aagainst hisher own country to its detriment As Assange is Australian anything he does that is regarded as against Americia might be annoying to Palin and her like but theres no no way it can be called treason Get a bit more education Palin and your followers and stop making yourself look so ridiculous with your lack of knowledgePatpnby
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