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Oracle's new 'PULA' license promises unlimited database use in perpetuity

'We have seen them in the wild,' one consultant confirms read more »

IT job gains: Not as bright as they appear

IT job growth for July is softened by revised BLS stats for the last couple of months read more »

The real dirt on programming certifications

Code alone might not be enough to land you that top job read more »

UK government reportedly working to end its reliance on Oracle

The request is 'bad advice,' says one analyst read more »

Dell blows lid on 'Emissary Panda' hacking group - but do APTs still frighten people?

Dell SecureWorks has tracked another apparently Chinese espionage group. For organisations, it's a familiar story read more »

How a hail storm spurred Makita's IT transformation

read more »

The rise of 'app only' organisations and other tech-fuelled disruptions

read more »

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, August 5

China moving cops on-site at Internet companies... Do-Not-Track gets some bite...Lollipop lag shows Android is really fragmented read more »

Employment engine keeps humming for IT job seekers

Programmers fare well, but some positions, such as Web developers, see rising unemployment read more »

How millennials challenge traditional leadership

Millennials say they don't care about money, legacy or hierarchy, and instead aspire to be collaborative, empowering and transformational. read more »

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