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HP's profit down 21 percent as services business takes a hit

The company says its on track to divide into two companies in November read more »

Netgear won't patch NetUSB router flaw until third quarter of 2015

Vendors slow to fix flaw that could allow attackers to undermine security read more »

Scottish fibre infrastructure still worries local businesses, poll finds

Broadband rated as more important than transport, taxes and housing read more »

Lenovo acquisitions of Motorola, IBM server business hits bottom line

The Chinese PC vendor is pulling more revenue from smartphones, tablets and servers read more »

Yahoo to manage ‘hundreds of thousands of servers’ using OpenStack

Yahoo secretly building one of largest bare metal clouds in the world, says senior data centre architect read more »

Intel to unwrap 'next-generation' Thunderbolt

Intel could put to rest doubts about Thunderbolt's future after Apple did not include the technology in the 12-inch MacBook read more »

Google Preemptible Virtual Machine offers cut-price compute power

Not everything needs to be done in real time and Google offers a budget cloud for those porcesses read more »

Walmart eyes Open Compute as OpenStack investment scales

Retail giant has grown its OpenStack implementation to 140,000 cores read more »

European mobile operators divided over ad blocking

Plan to pressure Google by strangling its ad revenue could threaten net neutrality read more »

Oracle and Mirantis power Database as a Service through OpenStack clouds

Partnership will accelerate application and database provisioning in private cloud environments read more »

Qualcomm makes its pitch as the go-to player for IoT

Like Samsung and Intel, it wants to power the expected flood of future devices read more »

Security benefits helping drive DevOps adoption, says Chef CEO

ComputerworldUK speaks to the infrastructure automation firm's boss, Barry Crist read more »

A feisty John Chambers bows out on his final Cisco earnings call

Chambers says he'll be an advisor and a coach when new CEO Chuck Robbins takes over read more »

Banking industry promotes new common IT architecture

Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) has completed the development of a globally standardised IT architecture read more »

Intel looking to boost horsepower on server chips with ASIC integration

Intel will integrate ASICs designed by Silicon Valley startup eASIC read more »

Highways England signs three year end user computing deal with CGI

The aim of the three-year contract is to deliver greater mobility and flexibility, improved business agility and improved security read more »

IBM cloud will reach back into tape for low-cost storage

Project Big Storage combines data on flash, disks and tape under a single namespace read more »

Public sector needs common info governance policy, says industry body

All central and local government bodies are connected via the Public Services Network but barriers to sharing remain read more »

IBM's targets Power E850 server on cloud and database processing

As computing moves from the desktop and IBM repositions after selling its X86 server production, Power offerings are slimmed down read more »

Facebook's software smarts put cold storage on a power diet

The company's new backup storage centres get by with less energy read more »

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