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OpenStack: what's in it for Google Cloud

Google explains why it chose now to put its stamp of approval on the 'legitimate' open source community read more »

VMware touts new technologies for managing containers and live migration of virtual machines

read more »

VMware CEO Gelsinger still committed to EMC Federation

read more »

VMware rounds out data center virtualization stack

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Google's container management service exits beta, gets uptime guarantee

read more »

IBM extends Spectrum storage line into the cloud

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VMware updates desktop virtualization software for Mac and PC

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CERN's data stores soar to 530M gigabytes

CERN's data requirements are growing at massive rates: Every experiment with its Large Hadron Collider creates 3GB of data per second. read more »

Docker Content Trust steps up container security

Docker Content Trust seeks to provide a standard security framework for Docker images, via open source key-sharing read more »

Because storage needs to get smarter, Tintri raises $125M

The days of storage being all about brawn not brains are coming to a close. Storage needs to get smarter, and Tintri is showing how. read more »

How to move to DevOps to drive open networks

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NFV a hit for OpenDaylight

Almost 3/4 of users adopt it for virtualized functions; enterprises find NFV appealing too read more »

Cisco kills Invicta storage product line

Pulls plug on troubled appliances that came from $415M WHIPTAIL buy read more »

The cloud is too hard, so Intel launched a sweeping project to fix it

The first step is a project with Rackspace to make OpenStack easier to deploy and manage read more »

Google lures businesses to Nearline with 100 PB of free cloud storage

An accompanying TCO calculator aims directly at AWS users read more »

Amazon posts a profit as AWS sales nearly double

Amazon earned $92 million in the second quarter on higher overall revenue read more »

Qualcomm plans cuts, may spin off assets

The mobile technology company reported declines in revenue and profit read more »

U2 tours with all-flash array to rock latest video effects

A ruggedised EMC VNXe3200 drives giant transparent LED screens read more »

Intel pushes 10nm chip-making process to 2017, slowing Moore's Law

Intel's 'tick tock' cadence is becoming 'tick tock tock' read more »

Demand grows for UK government to act on slow broadband

Faster internet speeds should be vital part of chancellor’s aim to improve productivity in the UK read more »

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