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IDC: More than 28 billion gigabytes of storage shipped last quarter

Worldwide enterprise storage shipments were up more than 41% year-over-year in Q1 2015 read more »

Time for IPv6 is upon us says Infoblox as it offers migration tool

With IPv4 addresses running out, free tool pitched as planning aid to cope with complex decisions read more »

Nissan shuns cloud for physical communications infrastructure

Car industry is seeing huge developments in bringing customer service closer to the car dashboard read more »

Red Hat builds on its open source storage portfolio

Red Hat has updated both its Ceph and Gluster file systems for enterprise usage read more »

Cisco warns of default SSH keys shipped in three products

The flaw could allow an attacker to decrypt traffic exchanged by three Cisco virtual appliances read more » is ‘unachievable’, says Whitehall watchdog

Project relaunched this month has unmanageable or unresolvable issues, according to the Major Projects Authority read more »

Blazent brings big data to IT operations management

Blazent enterprise customers can now get immediate glimpses into the health and performance of their IT systems read more »

Docker offers enterprise support, software for containers

The Docker Trusted Registry provides a central hub for enterprises to store containers read more »

Google facing a fight over over Android's lack of support for key IPv6 protocol

Boom in Android devices and the general move to IPv6 has put some businesses in a tough position read more »

Bare metal switches and Network Function Virtualisation offer for the enterprise

On the heels of AT&T's plan, Pica8 and Ciena offer commodity switches and virtual network functions on customer premises read more »

The US Navy's warfare systems command pays millions to stay on Windows XP

Windows XP and other obsolete systems remain critical to the Navy's operations read more »

Data centres: One in three servers is a zombie, No improvement since 2008

Stanford University researchers find 30% of all physical servers in data centers are comatose - drawing energy but delivering no useful workload read more »

Google gives glimpse of its home-grown software defined datacentre networks

Google data centres grow too fast for normal network equipment so it opted for DIY SDNs read more »

Oracle hires HP exec David Donatelli to head converged infrastructure group

Former EMC veteran will oversee Oracle's hardware operations read more »

Gartner: Stop Windows 8.1 deployment plans now

As with Vista, third-party app support for Windows 8.1 will evapourate quickly, so analyst urges enterprises to move straight from WIndows 7 to 10 read more »

Cisco to make $10 billion investment in China

Investment up but Cisco sales down in China as government raises cybersecurity concerns over US tech read more »

Botnet targeting Linux servers made up third of SSH traffic until blocked

Level 3 reveals scale of 'SSHPsychos' botnet taken down in April read more »

Oxford University manages booming student data demand with Dell SonicWall network tools

SonicWall NSA and Analyzer tools help balance needs of students and researchers read more »

Mainframes best for next generation of big data workloads, CIOs say

But lack of skills remains a major headache, according to survey of 350 CIOs read more »

Barclays turns to OpenStack to manage private cloud

UK bank is in the midst of a five-year infrastructure refresh project read more »

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