Company opens large offshore IT training centre in Delhi

Company opens large offshore IT training centre in Delhi

The first ten years of the company, after it was set up in 2002, saw it make losses

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Koenig Solutions, one of India’s largest offshore IT training providers, is opening what it describes is the world's biggest IT offshore training centre in Delhi this month.

The company offers a wide range of recognised certifications in software, including Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Linux, VMWare and Java.

Delhi is already the location of Koenig's biggest training site, along with offshore training operations in places like Mumbai and Dubai, but the new Delhi site is even bigger with over 50 classrooms and almost 30 testing stations.

The biggest market for Koenig is the UK, with over 400 individual or sponsored students travelling to India every year alone, with others also going to Dubai since that expanding centre opened in 2011.

But students travel to Koenig offshore training centres from all over the world attracted by its cut price training.

A significant number of US military personnel from Afghanistan also travel to do certifications at the Dubai site.

Koenig is not alone in the market for offshore IT training. Other Indian companies, such as IPSR, ACIT and IP-GATES, also offer affordable IT courses.

But the expanding market has encouraged Koenig to plan for an IPO in 2014, its founder and CEO Rohit Aggarwal told journalists at a press event in Dubai this week.

Aggarwal revealed that the first ten years of the company, after it was set up in 2002, saw it make losses. But the expanding offshore training market had now led to profits at Koenig, also helped by the company's entry into the distance learning market.

Those not willing or able to travel thousands of miles for training can now get one to one training over a Cisco Webex platform using a camera and a headset, all hosted in India.

Aggarwal said: "We currently employ over 200 full-time trainers and have a five year plan to increase this to 1,000, and have over 50 training centres across every continent.

"But it is beyond just making money and becoming the biggest IT offshore training company, it is about making the world a better place."

For Aggarwal this isn't a throwaway line, it is part of his whole company ethos, which looks to the work of Indian spiritual philosophies around not getting angry, not getting jealous, telling the truth, welcoming criticism and reducing expectations from others.

All employees have to follow this ethos and Aggarwal says it works, with a staff attrition rate of under 1 percent, when other companies with a ten percent attrition rate might be tempted to think they are doing well.

The company also gives 10 percent of its profits to charities. At the moment all this money goes to school education programmes in India, but company expansion will see the money spent elsewhere, said Aggarwal.

But won't all this welcome corporate worthiness be knocked out of the company when the IPO comes along, asked

Aggarwal is steadfast. "Getting a $100 listing might be easier when not having any ethos but we'd still prefer a $3 listing while keeping our ethos."

He added: "On the run up to the IPO we will not be promising potential shareholders the moon. We will tell them not to invest if they are not interested in trying to make the world a better place.

"To make the world a better place we have to become a bigger company."



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