Lloyds migration hits Bank of Scotland online services

Lloyds migration hits Bank of Scotland online services

Customers unable to see transaction details

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Bank of Scotland (BoS) online banking customers have been unable to access all their recent transaction details after a weekend system upgrade by parent Lloyds Banking Group.

Lloyds is currently migrating Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers onto the Lloyds TSB IT platform, a move understood to have created the issue over the weekend.

The changes have led to customers only being able to see limited details of their accounts since yesterday morning.

Lloyds has not detailed exactly which software was affected, but said it was tackling the issue and will have restored all services in the next few hours.

A company spokesperson apologised for the problem and said: "We've made some changes to our online banking system this weekend. We're aware that there is currently an issue that means that customers cannot see a full history of their transactions when they log into their online banking."

Last month, Lloyds said that the migration of Halifax and Bank of Scotland retail and commercial customer accounts onto the Lloyds TSB IT platform was a “key final step” to completing the merger of the companies.

“The completion of integration moves the group to a single platform,” it said, describing it as a “key enabler” in its transformation programme, under which it is attempting to slash £2 billion from costs.

Lloyds, which works with IT suppliers including SAP, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft and Unisys, said that in the first half of the year it also completed a programme to move Bank of Scotland cash machines on to the Lloyds TSB platform, rolled out an integrated Mortgage Sales Platform to Cheltenham & Gloucester, and created a single claims management system within its general insurance business.

The merger has also led to thousands of job cuts among back office staff and management.



  • tinkerbell its been a complete disaster i work for the group and we are heading same way as santander - no suprise when we have their chief executive
  • Gillfindlater Strangely I got my new blue token and can access my business accounts but one account - the one with money in has disappeared Meanwhile I cant access personal banking at all - I put in my user name and password but cant continue to the next page - it just loops back to the login page I certainly want to move when I can finally access my money but where Which bank is better
  • Grant Denhead Ronnie GrantTypical do as you please corporate Should have asked business and corporatecustomers what they thought before railroading through their apparently improved website after all we own more of the bank than they do Problem is most off usdont complain enough if ever
  • John Bank of Scotland have taken the step of removing help screens and contact numbers from the pages on the internet banking section of their website - presumably because they are inundated by callers The number is 0131 549 8724 When I finally got to speak to someone on Friday 160911 - after being put through to every department under the sun - I was told that 33 million accounts were affected by this shambles and calls were being put through to other departments in an effort to help I remain unable to view accounts or make payments in respect of a number of small businesses Bank of Scotland helpfully suggested that I call call into my nearest branch and arrange payments - not so clever when this involves a round trip over 100 miles Come on Lloyds Bank of Scotland your business customers deserve better than this
  • Vetindex Im still unable to access my business bank account I type in my username and password and then repeatedly progress to an error page I have been offline for 6 days and BOS really couldnt care less Worse still I really dont see any end in sight
  • Tarquin I havent been able to do any business banking since Friday last week - by Monday afternoon that will beTEN full days unable to operate my businesses I am STILLwaiting for my newblue Business Banking online security token to arrive Why on earth the bank decided toproceed with the systemupgrades when they hadnt even sent out the necessary new blue tokens is beyond me Its a blatant disregard and fingers up atus customersI cannot see what payments have been received into or taken from my numerous business accounts Its totally impractical to phone the call centre and askthem to list the HUNDREDS of transactions that will or should because I still dont know have taken place each dayIt is wilful vandalism of my businesses I NEED BLOOD
  • Neville Its not just transactions Some personal accounts cannot be accessed at allThis has been going on for 5 days now
  • Izools One word well one acronym reallyHSBC Come join its nice over here
  • Pauline The problems today are much more serious than lack of transaction history details We are unable to access our business accountswith the new security token which worked fine on Monday and the helpline indicated that very many people have the same problem It may not be fixed before the weekend and perhaps not even then
  • John Still waiting for new security token - unable to access our business accounts - cant make wages payment - hepline worse than useless
  • Andy Their system is a crock has really messed up my business plans client in USA waiting for money to be wired not gonna happen at this rate0 out of 10
  • Steve I still cant see any transactions on my halifax account This has been since the weekendContacted my branch and they cant either Byebye Halifax as this isnt good enough
  • Tarquin The migration has also1 Deleted all our agreedoverdraft limits BOS Corporate Banking2 Broken our BOS Business Banking website login apparently they need to send us a new token which will take several days3 Given me COMPLETE access to a total strangers bank accounts Halifax Personal Banking and BOS Private Banking - I can transfer money fromother peoples accounts and view their transactionsRegardless of the temporary issues from the migration this weekend the banks improvements are continually a step backwards For example when running an SMB it is quite usual to prefer to do the banking in the evening or at weekend when its quieter So what have BOS Corporate Banking done Disabled inter-account transfers after 5pm disabled Faster Payments after 315pm disabled both at the weekendsA very disgruntled customer I would love to vote with my feetbut Im locked inby the overdrafts banks are not so generous these days
  • The Cruise People Ltd The Lloyds TSB system is taking us back in time We will no longer be able to access our Euro accounts on line with the new system and will have to use steam power the telephone to do soAn irritated and very disappointed Bank of Scotland clientKevin GriffinThe Cruise People Ltd London
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