Windows XP's demise will do more for PC sales than Win 8, HP says

XP's parting gift may be just what the PC industry needs

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LAS VEGAS -- Hewlett-Packard executives say that the coming demise of Windows XP may do what Windows 8 could not, and that's boost PC sales significantly.

Analysts have blamed Windows 8 for hurting PC sales after users failed to embrace its interface redesign.

IDC, in its most recent quarterly report, said PC shipments fell 14% year-over-year. The shift to mobile and increasing reliance on tablets played a role, but Windows 8 was faulted as well for the historic decline.

At HP's user conference here, Windows 8 is prominent. But what seemed to get HP officials excited, wasn't the upcoming update of Windows 8, but Microsoft's planned end of support next year for Windows XP.

HP was none-too-subtle about it.

At a press conference Monday, HP officials flashed a slide that said, simply, "Goodbye XP, Hello HP."

"We think this will bring a big opportunity for HP," said Enrique Lores, senior vice president and general manager of HP's business PCs.

Lores was asked, in a later interview, whether the demand for XP replacement systems could help sales more than Windows 8. His response was unequivocal: "Yes, significantly more, especially on the commercial side," he said.

Lores said 40% to 50% of business users remain on XP systems.

HP is gearing up for the corporate refresh with new systems, and unveiled new PCs, including all-in-one PCs that put a strong focus on design. Lores said the company wants to produce products that are not only good, but "are cool."

HP, according to IDC, remains the world's largest PC vendor with 15.7% market share, which is down 23.7% from the first quarter a year ago. All the major vendors were down in that quarter, with the exception of Lenovo, which saw no change.

HP CEO Meg Whitman is expected to speak Tuesday.

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  • ironman229 I see Linux making a big move up
  • Albin Bingo In fact most of this years handwringing about the PC sales slump results from enterprise deferring replacement of their fleets of XP machines wisely waiting out version 1 of W8 Next year theyll decide whether to buy W7 or W8 for their next desktop cycle
  • The Shambolic Skeptic I doubt it Wishful think on the part of HPWin 8 is so dreadful and XP just works that why anyone would switch before their home machine finally disintegrates is beyond me
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