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Hell freezes over: Microsoft makes Windows free for some devices

Hell freezes over: Microsoft makes Windows free for some devices

'One of the boldest moves Microsoft has made,' says analyst of commitment to give away Windows for smartphones and tablets with screens smaller than 9-in. read more »


The top 10 web vulnerabilities… and what to do about them

A handy primer on the most common web vulnerabilities read more »

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Apple offers free recycling of its products worldwide

Apple is offering to recycle its products for free worldwide, and has included even third-party products like mobile phones and PCs in the program in some countries. read more »

Windows XP isn't the only software getting the knife in 8 weeks

Microsoft will also end support for Office 2003 and Exchange 2003 read more »

Cortana's voice is synthesized in part from an AI character in Halo

Can Microsoft's digital assistant ever match the savvy of the Halo character by the same name? read more »

Home Office tenders for £1.5bn emergency services telecoms network

The ‘cheaper and smarter’ ESN will replace an existing contract with Airwave read more »

Microsoft teases touch-first Office for Windows

But declines to talk about a release timetable read more »

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Why Windows 8 makes more sense than Windows 7

Migrating to the next Windows OS; what to choose? read more »

How to become an enterprise architect

Define and design the role of IT in business read more »

The five biggest problems facing Microsoft

The giant software company could be at risk of losing its dominance read more »

Is Windows 8 development worth the trouble?

Microsoft is paying some developers to port apps to the Windows Store read more »

Seven great Google Spreadsheet gadgets

One of the best-kept secrets of Google Docs, these gadgets add powerful features to your spreadsheets. read more »

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How Oracle handled Sun technology

How Oracle handled Sun technology

Four years after acquiring Sun it is a mixed scorecard read more »

So you think you know the IBM mainframe?

So you think you know the IBM mainframe?

Try our quiz... read more »

Microsoft Build 2014

Microsoft Build 2014

Highlights of a breakthrough event for Windows and MS app developers read more »

Microsoft Excel and Word 2013 best add-ons

Microsoft Excel and Word 2013 best add-ons

We look at some of the most useful Office 'apps' available for Excel and Word 2013 read more »

Life at the Foxconn iPhone factory

Life at the Foxconn iPhone factory

Foxconn's factory in Zhengzhou, China employs 300,000 workers. Here's a visual tour of how Foxconn is transforming the area read more »

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Digital operations for the digital business

Digital technology is dramatically transforming every industry, changing the way companies service customers, make products, manage operations, and engage and support their workforces. But while the rest of the business-and the rest of the world-is proceeding with the digital revolution,...read more »

Forrester's inaugural software product development services wave

We live in a time of digital disruption. The next generation of product development will require wholesale change to the types of skills companies need. As my colleague James Staten recently wrote, an earthquake in Silicon Valley is turning every...read more »

Applying desktop virtualisation to improve customer experience

When I was maybe 2 years old, my mother lost track of me in a Toys-R-Us store. After a dozen stressful minutes, she finally found me - holding a Fisher-Price airplane. And so began my love affair with airplanes and...read more »

Now some IBM customers might have access to cheaper third party software support

Chief information officers are dedicating more of their budgets to what we call “systems of engagement” (technologies that help win, serve, and retain customers) rather than “systems of record” (back-office technologies). According to research here at Forrester, new business investment...read more »

Oracle Industry Connection 2014: The Retail Angle

We attended Oracle Industry Connection 2014 last month--its inaugural multi-industry customer conference fashioned after its successful retail industry event CrossTalk. The event offered additional proof points that Oracle's broad set of applications, technologies, services, and partners are well suited to...read more »

Who Speaks For Peer Creators?

My daughter is a prolific writer in a world which, until recently, I did not know existed. She has written an introduction to this world, where strangers collaborate to create extensive new works of fiction together. It raises interesting issues...read more »

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