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RBS CIO Scott Marcar leaves

RBS CIO Scott Marcar leaves

Adam Wheelwright will take over on an interim basis read more »


Car industry’s biggest problem is moving from hardware to software

The automotive industry has a lot to learn about software patching throughout the supply chain before connected cars reach critical mass, security experts have warned. read more »

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Skills Funding Agency awards £35 million deal to BAE Systems AI

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has awarded a five-year £35 million contract for service integration and management (SIAM) to BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (AI). read more »

IBM and Nectar are role models in ICO's big data guidance

"There may well be a competitive advantage in being seen as a responsible and trustworthy custodian of customer data" says ICO read more »

Middlesbrough Council replaces SAP ERP with UNIT4

Contract to replace authority’s legacy SAP system awarded via G-Cloud read more »

Mercedes Benz manufacturer Daimler begins IT transformation

Company have handed over European data centre keys to Bangalore-based Infosys read more »

British Gas deploys Windows 8 Dell tablets to aid smart meter roll-out

Previous 'ruggedised' tablets lacked essential features for the job read more »

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Hybrid cloud: Strategies for innovative business

How to get the best-fit cloud environment for your organisation read more »

Getting to Big Data

The 4 Ss that deliver Big Data’s promise read more »

Why Cloud is Better with a DevOps Culture

Creating an organisation that can innovate at cloud speed read more »

The hidden costs of self-signed SSL certificates

Why self-signed certificates are much costlier and riskier than working with a trusted security vendor read more »

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Democratising data: is IT getting in the way?

Is Tableau’s data visualisation software part of the shadow IT trend or an exciting tool to cut IT’s time spent answering the same business intelligence questions over and over again? read more »

For Your Eyes Only: Corporate espionage using social channels – is your company at risk?

Are businesses ensuring their employees remain vigilant in their personal online activities? read more »

Why Microsoft isn't spooked by the Apple-IBM alliance

Nadella's plan to put services, software on all platforms means the Apple-IBM deal will have little impact on the enterprise-centric Microsoft read more »

Shared services: technology trends

How are new technologies changing the shared services landscape? read more »

Wearables: Are we handing more tools to Big Brother?

Fitness trackers and other wearables are all the rage, but privacy advocates warn that they come with the risk of a "privacy nightmare" read more »

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Top 25 free tools for every Windows desktop

Top 25 free tools for every Windows desktop

Whatever your poison -- Windows 7 or 8, updated or not -- there's a desktop tool just begging to become part of your repertoire read more »

4 key features coming to Windows 9 (hopefully)

4 key features coming to Windows 9 (hopefully)

Will the 'start' button make a welcome return? read more »

Bloodiest tech industry layoffs of 2014, so far

Bloodiest tech industry layoffs of 2014, so far

Microsoft leads the way, but has plenty of company on jobs cut front read more »

Getting fit this summer? Here's an app place to start

Getting fit this summer? Here's an app place to start

Do you want to get fit but don't know where to start? Here are some fitness apps that can help get you on your way. read more »

Nine tips for CIOs as summer holidays hit

Nine tips for CIOs as summer holidays hit

Have trouble leaving the office behind when you go on vacation? Here are nine tips to help give CIOs peace of mind when they (and their staff and fellow employees) head out for summer R&R. read more »

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The new face of risk and finance

A perfect storm is brewing across the global insurance industry. Unless you have been hiding under a rock these past years, you would know how the volatile markets and intensifying profitability pressures from mounting consumer expectations and regulatory requirements are...read more »

3 New Kinds of Open Source: DNA, Journalism, Shoes

One of the most powerful proofs of the strength of the ideas underlying open source is the way they are being successfully applied in fields very different from computing. Many of these are familiar enough - open content, open data,...read more »

An online kit for digital emergencies

My colleague Alexandra Combes writes: A remarkable resource has been created by the Digital Defenders in partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Access and a group of human rights NGOs with the release of the Digital First Aid Kit - a well-designed website addressing digital emergencies of varying kinds....read more »

TTIP Update XXXIII - 150,000 ISDS Submissions

My last two updates concentrated on ISDS, and on the European Commission's consultation, such as it was. Flawed though it may have been, it did at least give people a rare - no, unique - opportunity to express their views...read more »

Product development needs to go digital

With UK companies spending £27bn on research and development annually, the ability to maximize the impact of R&D spend has never been so important. This has put the spotlight on the processes used to design and manufacture products, for example...read more »

The impact of technology on the future of retail

A number of technology trends over the past five years have dramatically altered the retail landscape. Today, every customer is a digital customer, with rapidly rising expectations about the quality and ubiquity of a seamless shopping experience across their digital...read more »

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