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JP Morgan to invest £150 million on boosting cyber security

JP Morgan to invest £150 million on boosting cyber security

Fighting cyber crime is a ‘never-ending battle’, says CEO Dimon read more »


Westminster View: Has the government got an online system for childcare or not?

Shadow minister for Digital Government Chi Onwurah is concerned that the government does not realise that building an online system for childcare will need more than just a new website hosted on... read more »

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Windows XP isn't the only software getting the knife in 8 weeks

Microsoft will call it quits not only on Windows XP in less than two months, but will pull the plug on Office 2003 the same day. read more »

Superfast broadband rollout ‘uneven’ across UK, Ofcom finds

Average download speed in rural areas is only half that of urban locations read more »

Airlines and airports invest in business intelligence but must do more to avoid problems

Mobile services are the way forward read more »

XP's retirement will be hacker heaven

Hackers will bank bugs until after Microsoft retires Windows XP in April 2014; expect attacks, say security experts read more »

NHS 24’s new IT system plagued by testing issues

Indefinite delay while the associated NHS 111 will still be rolled out this month read more »

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Cloud storage: Scalable, cost effective solutions

A storage appzine from ComputerWorld UK read more »

Store more data, get more business benefit

A storage appzine from ComputerWorld UK read more »

4 compelling reasons to expand virtualisation of your IT infrastructre

Businesses with resource constraints are finding many reasons besides cutting costs for expanding virtualisation. read more »

Security best practices for file-based data movement - an IT practitioner’s guide

Mitigating risk in a changing data security landscape read more »

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The top 10 web vulnerabilities… and what to do about them

A handy primer on the most common web vulnerabilities read more »

How to become an enterprise architect

Define and design the role of IT in business read more »

Microsoft Project 2013 - What new business application delivers

Project 2013 is an improved tool for planning, collaboration and communication for project managers and team members read more »

Seven great Google Spreadsheet gadgets

One of the best-kept secrets of Google Docs, these gadgets add powerful features to your spreadsheets. read more »

Windows XP support ended 8th April

Microsoft's operating system becomes open to attack read more »

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How Oracle handled Sun technology

How Oracle handled Sun technology

Four years after acquiring Sun it is a mixed scorecard read more »

Microsoft Excel and Word 2013 best add-ons

Microsoft Excel and Word 2013 best add-ons

We look at some of the most useful Office 'apps' available for Excel and Word 2013 read more »

15 Non-Certified IT Skills Growing in Demand

15 Non-Certified IT Skills Growing in Demand

Follow the money read more »

15 essential open source tools for Windows admins

15 essential open source tools for Windows admins

Microsoft offers great tools for enhancing your server-side experience, but open source has impressive options as well read more »

Life at the Foxconn iPhone factory

Life at the Foxconn iPhone factory

Foxconn's factory in Zhengzhou, China employs 300,000 workers. Here's a visual tour of how Foxconn is transforming the area read more »

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The CMO is dead

I know you’ve seen these types of dramatic headlines before: The CMO is dead. But in actuality, the roles in marketing, sales, and customer service that once governed how business “gets done” are shifting. This best practices report, Data-Driven Marketing...read more »

The connected car

Connected, or smart cars, are no longer science fiction. Modern automobiles are being built with a large amount of electronics and connectivity, turning them into more than simple modes of transportation. This past February, the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT)...read more »

Forrester's inaugural software product development services wave

We live in a time of digital disruption. The next generation of product development will require wholesale change to the types of skills companies need. As my colleague James Staten recently wrote, an earthquake in Silicon Valley is turning every...read more »

Applying desktop virtualisation to improve customer experience

When I was maybe 2 years old, my mother lost track of me in a Toys-R-Us store. After a dozen stressful minutes, she finally found me - holding a Fisher-Price airplane. And so began my love affair with airplanes and...read more »

Cisco UCS at five years

It was five years ago, March 2009, when Cisco formally announced “Project California”, its (possibly intentionally) worst-kept secret, as Cisco Unified Computing System. At the time, I was working at Hewlett Packard, and our collective feelings as we realized that...read more »

Who Speaks For Peer Creators?

My daughter is a prolific writer in a world which, until recently, I did not know existed. She has written an introduction to this world, where strangers collaborate to create extensive new works of fiction together. It raises interesting issues...read more »

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