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Computers will struggle to support genetic research for public health services

A shortage of programmer skills may hinder the application of genetic research in treating mass populations for disease. read more »

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SAP to cut 2,200 jobs as part of its cloud-first strategy

SAP workers in Europe will be offered voluntary leave and UK, German, France and US employees will be offered early retirement packages. read more »

Whitehall yet to tackle 'huge' sprawl of legacy IT, warns Cabinet Office minister

Francis Maude claims replacing decades-old legacy systems and contracts could save £20 billion by 2020 read more »

John Lewis mail glitch leaves customers with £1.53 bill for marketing circular

Unknown number asked for payment by Royal Mail read more »

Google brings app messaging to its cloud

Google Cloud Pub/Sub messaging service can tie together different components of an enterprise cloud application read more »

Insurance firm Staysure fined £175,000 for 'unbelievable' credit card hack

ICO report uncovered chaotic security read more »

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Seven things you need to know when making the case for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Opinion White Paper read more »

Voice: The lost piece of the BYOD puzzle

What's wrong with BYOD? read more »

Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Best practices, technologies and real-word examples to protect your business from disruptions. read more »

BYOD voice made easy, only with smartnumbers mobile

You own the number, they own the phone. read more »

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Predicting Ebola spread with HPCs paying off

Computers predict where West Africa’s health ministry and US Department of Defense should put resources on the ground to combat Ebola. read more »

The end is nigh in Agile!

Agile projects need to be flexible through to their termination, in a way that is fair to both supplier and client read more »

Why organisations need to support CPD for their IT staff

Supporting CPD for staff can help with employee retention as well as having an effect on the bottom line read more »

IT projects: it’s all about the outcome

Avoid spiralling project costs by focusing on the outcomes, says The Berkeley Partnership read more »

Has the government hit its SME targets?

Despite a good headline figure, direct spending with SMEs decreased last year read more »

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Top 10 software failures of 2014

Top 10 software failures of 2014

Last year saw Amazon selling goods for 1p, UK airspace closed and iOS 8 phones unable to make calls read more »

Top 10 UK companies on the hunt for tech talent

Top 10 UK companies on the hunt for tech talent

The Googles and the Oracles of the world don't make the top 10 - so who does? read more »

Make the most of the IoT skills shortage: 7 top jobs for the future

Make the most of the IoT skills shortage: 7 top jobs for the future

You see the IoT on the horizon and you want to get involved - which skills will be most valuable? read more »

Universal Credit: top 10 milestones over the last year

Universal Credit: top 10 milestones over the last year

As the benefit reform scheme starts to expand nationally, we review progress so far read more »

10 unlikely UK companies searching for more tech talent than Google

10 unlikely UK companies searching for more tech talent than Google

Want a job in IT? Google and Facebook are not be the only places where you find the vacancies read more »

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MWC: Post Event Action Plan

Don't let all that inspiration go to wasteread more »

Mozilla's *Really* Important News: Thunderbird Lives

Too important to lose in the post-Snowden eraread more »

MWC 15 Guide: Mobile Identity

Time to phase out passwordsread more »

Excellent: Android Ecosystem is Low-Margin, Fragmenting

Open source working exactly as it shouldread more »

Start planning to provide social customer support beyond Twitter and Facebook

Know which communities your clients operate in and establish a presence thereread more »

MWC 15 guide: Nextgen apps

Mobile should be about a complete nextgen apps strategyread more »

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