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Good news on IT jobs

Directors of former NHS IT supplier charged with fraud

Microsoft promises minimal Patch Tuesday, but no fix for Win 7 bug

Lancashire planning £1.9bn shared services framework

Check your MPs’ expenses ... on iPhone

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O2 network overloaded by iPhone apps

Millions of German credit card holders hit by decade-end glitch

Is a Threat? Microsoft Thinks So

Microsoft unveils ad-supported Office 2010

Fujitsu workers launch three-day strike

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Google Nexus One phone is launched

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Google to be sued over Nexus One

Welcome to Google's Nexus One – and the "Nexus" Device

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Microsoft's Ballmer to beat Apple with tablet PC announcement

Asus reveals netbook that morphs into tablet

CES: Skype unveils high defintion video

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Ford shows touchscreen dashboard at CES