Google's Street View only launched in the UK last year, but since then the add-on to Google Maps and Google Earth has already had its fair share of controversy.

Recently, the search engine got in trouble for accidentally collecting Wi-Fi data with the special Street View cars that trawl the streets capturing the images.

However, prior to that the service also raised concerns about privacy after web users were caught unawares in the pictures and subsequently requested their faces be blurred. A number of 'inappropriate' images were also removed after Google received complaints. Among the images removed were a man wearing antlers being sick outside a pub and people being arrested.

But not all of the weird images on Google Street View are offensive. We trawled Google Street View to find some of the funniest images captured in the UK. From Brits totally disregarding signs, to little sisters beating up their brothers, we're sure this collection of 11 images is sure to make you chuckle.

Google Street View captures funny UK images

The Aliens have landed

You'd be forgive for thinking that in true 'War of the Worlds' style Martians are attempting to take over Earth, beginning with Tottenham Court Road in London. However, a closer look reveals it's just some promotions girls dressed in rather snazzy tight gold lycra outfit. Goldmember himself would be proud.

Google Street View captures funny UK images

Chish and Fips

We're not sure whether the sign writer on this takeaway establishment got a little confused on whether the shop's owners are trying out a new name for the great British dish. Either way, we're not sure it'll catch on.

Not so alien after all...

Google Street View captures funny UK images

Those gold Martians have been spotted again, further down Tottenham Court Road. It looks like they're walking, so maybe 

extraterestrials aren't so different to humans after all. Then again, perhaps they're pulling their equivalent of their Jedi Mind Trick and floating.

Google Street View captures funny UK images

Rubbish take-aways

If you're like us, takeaways such as McDonalds and KFC usually smell great, but once you've eaten them, you feel guilty for stuffing your body with rubbish. If you need any more convincing that it's not the best meal in the world, check out the rubbish this restaurant in Oxford threw out.

It's a mystery, HolmesSherlock Holmes can usually be found solving crimes in Baker Street, London. But even famous detectives need a holiday once in a while. Looks like Holmes thought it was 'elementary' to head to Cambridge.

Google Street View captures funny UK imagesI've got the munchies

We're not sure what these two shops are saying about Newcastle's reputation, but they certainly seem well-placed.

Google Street View captures funny UK images

Annoying siblings

No matter where you are in the world, if you're a teenager there's nothing worse than an annoying younger sibling. Looks like this little girl is just a pain in her brother's neck (or head).

Google Street View captures funny UK images

Get the job done by hand

We just love all the services offered by hand car-washes. We're not sure the name is attracting the right customers though.

I am The Stig

Google Street View captures funny UK imagesTop's Gear's masked driver, The Stig, may have been unmasked as ex formula three driver, Ben Collins, but it didn't stop us getting excited when he was apparently spotted high-up in the BBC TV Centre.

Google Street View captures funny UK images

Powerbocking madness

Powerbocking is a fairly new extreme sport that sees people jumping and running with elastic-like spring-loaded stilts strapped to their feet. This 'Crazy Kid' in Scotland thought he'd give it a go, but clearly it's harder than it looks.

Google Street View captures funny UK imagesDisregarding signs

Perhaps these people simply couldn't read the sign, but we expect they'll be waiting some time for their bus to arrive.

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