Hewlett-Packard’s shock announcement last week that it planned to abandon both the PC market and the handheld devices market, as well as purchase UK software firm Autonomy has put it at the tip of everyone’s tongue.

With plans to stop developing TouchPad tablets and smartphones like the Pre and Veer, fire sales are now underway as consumers queue up to either pick up bargains or get refunds and switch to HP’s more successful competitors.

With the future of webOS hanging in the balance and new storage solutions such as Peer Motion being rolled out, the world is watching.

HP, what will you do next?

HP abandons PC and tablet business, and buys Autonomy for £6.7bn

HP turns around its strategy and acquires British IT firm at a premium in one go.

HP TouchPad tablets offered at bargain basement prices

If you’re considering getting a tablet and want a steal, now’s the time to invest.

HP - Autonomy deal: Facing up to the risks

Corporate IT organisations should look at their licenses and be wary of snapping up the TouchPad.

Leo Apotheker changes his tune on mobility

HP CEO abandons the mobile computing market.

Qualcomm should buy HP WebOS, analyst says

Chipmaker Qualcomm could benefit from HP’s software on its processors.

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