The late John Ivinson, former BCS president who died on the 11 July aged 63 years, approached life and work with a gusto that has made the IT profession more visible.

He threw down the gauntlet to the BCS during his 2003-2003 presidency with the challenge to change from ‘a sleepy little membership recruitment organisation into a significant and growing business’. But in the midst of change he never lost sight the members who were at the heart of the learned society’s status.

Ivinson was busy earlier on in the society’s history too, and was instrumental in the BCS gaining its royal charter in 1984, as chair of the working committee. It was a speedy industry coronation, achieved just 27 years after the BCS’ formation, but fitting for such a fast moving sector.

His IT career began in 1967 after graduating in geography and American studies. He worked for a wide variety of organisations nationally and internationally as a consultant, especially in system development, computer audit and project management.

Ivinson’s was attracted to all the finer things in life, whether it was dancing to a Beatles tribute band at the AGM, participating in the International Wine and Food Society, or listening to jazz. All of his interests helped him achieve his work ambition: 'I want the BCS - and IT generally - to reflect more accurately the world we live in’.