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Online groceries retailer Ocado cancels hundreds of orders due to warehouse ‘operational issues’

Online groceries retailer Ocado cancels hundreds of orders due to warehouse ‘operational issues’

Ocado, which processes over 150,000 orders a week, claims to have the most automated grocery fulfilment centres in the world read more »

EMC plans layoffs in wake of weakened outlook

Storage giant EMC will soon start handing out pink slips as part of a new restructuring effort prompted by a weakened financial outlook. read more »

Citrix's 900 job cuts seen as 'defensive' move

Citrix Systems announced better than expected financial results for the last quarter but also a restructuring plan that will see 900 jobs being cut. read more »

Amazon returns to profit as holiday sales soar

The holiday season proved to be a good one for Amazon, which reported a jump in sales for the last quarter and a return to profit. read more »

AirAsia crash investigators looking into possible computer glitch

An outage in the plane's Flight Augmentation Computers could not have directly caused the crash,but a failure would force pilots to rely on their manual flying skills under intense pressure and difficult circumstances. read more »

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Windows Server 2003 Migration: what you need to know

Support for Windows Server 2003 ends in July 2015, ComputerworldUK Editor Mike Simons discusses the migration options with Dell and Microsoft. Find out more

Google Nexus series

Google Nexus series

The latest news, features and slideshows about Google's Nexus series, including the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet.


Part 2 of your journey to virtualisation

Explore how you can improve your servers, storage and networks by developing your infrastructure.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Check out our latest articles on Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

In Depth

Figuring out the future: How the financial services industry can keep pace with consumer demand

Automation enables a standardised audit trail, making sure the right people have access to the right systems and guaranteeing that financial institutions adhere to industry standards, while reducing the need for cost involved in keeping legacy IT systems running. read more »

Agile development: overcoming the legal barriers

It is possible to contract for Agile, lawyer Stewart James argues, but it requires getting rid of legacy templates and considering issues like risk sharing and governance read more »

CES and UK car sales boom prove auto tech is here to stay

The same day carmakers boasted of a driverless future for cars during CES, the UK car industry reported a ten-year sales high in part thanks to increased technology and connectivity. ComputerworldUK rounds up the latest driverless car news and what it means for Britain. read more »

Cirque du Soleil: Setting up a supplier network for a travelling show

The world-renowned circus tour is modernising its business processes behind-the-scenes with cloud-based applications to allow it to source materials locally while on the road, manage its international finances and allow its IT team to focus on business problems, not plumbing. read more »

ComputerworldUK 2014 round-up: How banks got to grips with the digital agenda

The predominant theme in the financial services sector during 2014 was the ongoing attempts – and, in some cases, epic struggles – of big banks to transform into modern, digital businesses. read more »

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Online groceries retailer Ocado cancels hundreds of orders due to warehouse ‘operational issues’

Deliveries due today have been cancelled at the last minute

In IoT standards battle, there is no neutral zone for AB Electrolux CTO

Jan Brockmann, CTO at AB Electrolux is on a mission at CES to shape the future of the Internet of Things.

White Papers

Putting IT back in control of BYOD

The benefits of BYOD read more »

4 ways IT can control contact centre costs

Lower the time your IT group spends managing contact centre technology read more »

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ComputerworldUK Poll

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company's "devices and services" strategy is dead. So, what should Microsoft focus on instead?

Solution Centres

Securing the Enterprise

Join ComputerworldUK's editor in chief, Mike Simons, and Dell executives in a series of video discussions on how to respond to cyber criminals

HP Data Protection Zone

HP Data Protection Zone

HP Data Protection Zone is your source for software downloads, video, whitepapers and news on how you can keep your business data safe. Read more...

Agile Data Center

Transition to the Agile Data Center

Explore the importance of the agile data center to the business, and ideas on how IT can make this transition


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