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Nicholas Carr gets on the cloud

Cloud computing really will turn IT into a utility read more »

Hot qualifications in a cool job market

x read more »

What will President Barack Obama do for technology?

Keep the internet open, reduce tax breaks for offshoring read more »

Forrester Forum: services contracts ‘must have strong foundations and flexibility’

UBS and InBev services directors urge careful contract management read more »

Working and communicating with the board of directors

CIOs increasingly prepared to face the board read more »

Recession-proof IT jobs

Look at in-house IT jobs, says career expert read more »

Global Delivery - The Impact of the Services Cloud

Making Web 2.0 work for you read more »

Richard Sykes: It's the humans, stupid!

Talent management skills vital for innovative projects read more »

Outsourcing in the credit crunch

Why companies keep looking to offshore their IT read more »

Beating the credit crunch through IT efficiency

xx read more »

Life after Lehman Brothers

x read more »

Questions to ask before building a SOA testing team

Handling the normal risks and challenges read more »

Interview: Microsoft COO Kevin Turner talks cloud computing

MS to train virtualisation specialists read more »

Outsourcing – It’s about the customer experience

Is it just a way to cut costs, or can it be much more? read more »

The hottest jobs in IT today

Forrester highlights the in-demand jobs, economic downturn or not read more »

Choosing a software sourcing centre

Could the US be a good option? read more »

Marriott takes disaster recovery underground

Marriott is about to become the largest private datacentre customer in Iron Mountain's 145 acre 'underground city read more »

The dangers of cloud computing

Have you thought through complianxce, availability and data integrity? read more »

Why has IT service management taken so long to become popular?

IT service management skills are going global read more »

CIOs are forced to go green

Under pressure: 10 sources pushing CIOs to go green read more »

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